My First Wishlist Wednesday

Everyone in my shop is griping about why can’t they have all the stuff right they really, really want right meow?!!  (Iphone 5 for Amanda, GTA V for Greg, Diablo III  for Rizzo and a $400 Magic the Gathering card for Dylan)

I am so very guilty of being a serial online “window” shopper.  I love clothes, make-up, shoes & accessories as well as house accessories, kitchen supplies & books.  I am a plus sized girl, so I do the majority of my shopping online.  I like a deal & I like fashion forward clothes and there is a supreme lack of that in my city, (in plus sizes at any rate)

So what I do is I load up my cart on whichever site happens to capture my fancy of that particular day  & fantasize away about how great my new outfits/kitchen/library/jewelry box will be.   I’m also a bargain hunter and find myself rationalizing that item X is only so many dollars…soooo, if i get two, it’s a really awesome deal!  I load up my cart to the ultimate capacity of awesome to see the total & begin to feel instantly guilty.  (damn, I can really rack up a bill)

I remember someone saying once that “A bargain is not a bargain unless it is something you need”, so, I’m totally busted on the multiples of that awesome deal, because, do I really need tights in black, burgundy, teal and grey?  No, doesn’t mean I don’t still want them, but no, I only need to the one pair, the ones I’ve been wishing were inserted into my wardrobe on multiple occasions.  So I begin to whittle down,  “guess I don’t really need 2 of those”, whittle, whittle.. after whittling down considerably to an amount that doesn’t seem utterly unreasonable, but still ultimately is not in my immediate budget , I close the window and sulk a little bit.

But, I also remember something else someone said “If you find yourself still thinking about it later, then you know really want it”.  I give it a few days, or sometimes weeks (sometimes hours) before I head back to whichever particular website has my shopaholic mind infatuated with at the moment.  Sometimes, my heart is crushed because the item(s) I’ve been thinking about so much are sold out, never to return again.  Another heartbreaking blow.  But sometimes it’s still there and that is when my saving commences.

I don’t believe in credit cards, I think they’re bad news.  I think spending above your means and being enslaved to plastic is no fun.  I like living a fun life, so no credit cards for me, or at least, credit cards with actual credit on them.  I have a re-loadable credit card, that I applied for through my credit union & I preload with my own money, so that I can make online purchases.  So, if I’m going to splurge on a big shopping trip (online)  than I have to save up for it.

The bummer of having to save up is that I have a few obstacles in my way of saving:

  •  I’m married & we are all about fair spending.  So I can’t go out an dump a ton of cash on myself without giving him the opportunity to spend some on himself (and he desperately needs new pants).
  •  I really like to get tattooed & I have a cover up in progress that is gonna be fucking sweeet when it’s done.
  •  I like throwing parties & the type of parties I like to throw aren’t cheap (though not crazy extravagant).
  •  I like going out to restaurants, pubs & shows, evenings out get pricey real fast!

So, I have to juggle and prioritize what is most important.  It sucks wishing for something so bad and saving up for it, only for it to sold out when you finally have the cash.  blerg.

But anyhoo, this is on my current most wished for items.

I need a new winter coat, I have for a couple years.  I purchased a cheap one from Forever21 last year and hated it, but never sent it back and just made do with it.  I had my eye on one from ASOS last year that is gone now, but a similar one is online now & I quite like it still.

ASOS CURVE Fit & Flare Coat

ASOS curve fit flare coat

I also need a transtion weather coat, my jacket situation is in sad shape so I also have my eye on this jacket, that I think will be great for layering with sweaters or hoodies (I would get it in black)

New Look Inspire Drape Front Leather Look Jacket

ASOS curve drape front leahter look jacket

Since I’m shopping from a UK site AND I get free shipping from ASOS, might as well make it worth it and get this dress I’ve been thinking of for over month.  I think it’ll be super cute for the fall, paired with some burgundy tights and the drape front jacket (above) and some boots…

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Maxi Dress In Crochet Lace

ASOS curve Maxi dress in crochet

Speaking of boots, I  actually need boots too.  I have a hard time finding boots that fit my calves that aren’t lace up.  I found this other UK site that caters to ALL calf sizes and they’re CUTE boots!  I have 2 pairs I’ve been drooling over.  One that transitions from day to night, the other would straight up be going out boots and could probably be used for a bit of cosplay too.  (It’s always easier to rationalize the purchase when it can work for multiple purposes!!)

FLORE Black Leather

Duo Boots Black leather Flore

Liza Black Leather & Suede womens-boots 4807 small

Duo Boots Black leather & suede Liza

So, what’s my total…..ugh…It’s a lot.  $886 before duty.  sigh.  Now I have to figure out what I want the most, maybe I’ll just get the ASOS order and continue saving for the boots since each pair of boots is over $300.

And I just did what I am famous for (in my own mind anyway), I took an almost $900 shopping bill and cut it down to $230!! That doesn’t sound unreasonable….but I still have some saving to do!

What sites do you frequent the most?

Next week, jewelry!!



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