Live. Wild.

I found this video on Gala Darling’s page & it really struck a cord with me.

The video is gorgeously shot & narrated by the smooth, steady and sultry voice of Veronica Varlow asking us “If we were living in a golden age, would we know?”

Much of my life I had dreamt I lived in another time. In the 90’s I desperately wished I was old enough to be part of the grunge scene, later in the 90’s, I distinctly remember walking out of “Almost Famous” when I was 16 or 17 telling my mom “I was born at the wrong time” wishing I had been around in the 70’s, the golden age of rock n’ roll. I’ve also fantasized about living in the 40’s with all it glamour and style, or even more glamorous & decadent, the roaring 20’s with flappers drinking cocktails & dancing all night or to live along side Marie Antoinette, drinking champagne whilst wearing all the bows and wigs I could muster!

But it occurs to be, that my life is grand. I live a lifestyle I truly love and I get to borrow from each of these time periods to inspire me for style and parties I can plan. I do think, perhaps, I live in a golden age.

“Grandfathers will always talk about the good ol’ days, it is our job to live them.”



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