Must be the season of the witch

must be the season of the witch

I love, love, LOVE October!  It makes me giddy to see full moons, colourful trees, misty fog & pumpkins adorning front steps.  It also brings the little goth girl out to play once again.

I’m very much a style chameleon, I can never decide on any one style direction, so my outward appearance changes from day to day, from cute & girly to pin up/rockabilly to alt rock/grunge/riot grrrl to witchy goth or any mix of them all.

Today, in honour of the amazing fog we’ve been having in Vancouver and the fiery trees, black cats(well, all cats) Hallowe’en decorations and American Horror Story: COVEN, I dressed in my best Friday Blacks!


The cardigan & hat are from Forever21+, the maxi skirt & gold cross, skinny belt (worn upside down) is from ASOS curve & the bodysuit is courtesy of my mothers closet years ago!




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