Sister Love

My incredibly brave and insanely talented sister has started her own business & I couldn’t be more proud!

I would like to introduce you to Hudson House Event & Floral Design!

Introducing Hudson House

My sister has been involved in the catering and event planning industry for almost a decade.  She has impeccable taste and it’s about time she branched out on her own!

She spent the last year in Toronto and moved to Ottawa this summer.  She’s moved around a LOT due to her husband who is in the Canadian Forces.  She has a sparkling personality, it takes her next to no time to make friends in whatever new city she lands in!

Her time spent in Toronto was not wasted, she signed up for a pastry & cake making course as well as an intensive floral design course.  She excelled in each one, but really fell in love with the floral design, as it was one of her favourite things to concentrate on when she was working for some of the premier catering companies in Canada.

rose cake

Sugar roses and Lambeth piping

Over this past weekend, my sister attended a wedding show in Ottawa to launch her new business and the photos I saw of her booth were just jaw dropping!!

CandelabraLantern centerpiece

Her displays were eye catching, modern and romantic!  If you are in the Ottawa area, looking for some help with an event or in need of flower arrangements, do not hesitate to contact my sister!  You will not be sorry, she’s professional, passionate and you may even come out with a new friend!

Amazing displayboutonniere

Please check out her website & read her “About Me” page, it’s really sweet and she goes over why her chosen name is Hudson House!  She also donates 5% of all profits to a needy animal welfare organization!

Big love to my big sister with a big heart!  I’m so proud!



2 thoughts on “Sister Love

  1. Brandy is a very talented lovely human being. She will no doubt be incredibly successful in this new adventure. Lots of love and good wishes honey. ♥ holly arden, Victoria

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