My first month of blogging


Well, my first month anniversary of blogging has come and went.  It was actually October 23rd, but I figure I’ll just celebrate each calendar month, though I doubt each month will be celebrated with an entry.

My blog has gone through a lot of changes through it first month.  Major changes overnight in look/colour/feel.  I’ve read a lot of blogs about blogging (omg, I’ve read sooo many, my head hurts sometimes!), some recommend not going live until you’re happy with how it looks.  But I tend to disagree.  I think the whole blog experience is about growing and learning.  Yes my blog has gone through drastic changes, but I figure, it’s young enough that I’m able to.  I don’t have enough people stopping by to say “I don’t recognize this, this is not what I remember from last time, move along”, right now I’m so new, that no one really would remember, it just looks like a new blog.


Anyhoo, some reflections on this last month.

I have found that I LOVE blogging and I really look forward to finding my voice and finding my “tribe” (more on this later).  At some point, I know that I’ll finally be happy with the direction and form this space will be taking, right meow, it’s growing pains.

I’ve wanted to blog for quite a few years, but never quite knew what I was doing. I always thought it had to be about one specific thing and being plain old lazy all got in the way.  I know better now, my blogging eyes are open.  Its surprising to think how many websites you’re looking up for different projects, fashion advice, outfits of the day (aka OOTD), pictures from pinterest etc are all actually blogs.  Blogs can be about everything and/or anything you want!

what do I want

Which brings me to this, what do I want from my blog?  At first I wasn’t totally sure, I just knew I was going to start blogging about my life and my outlook on it.  I knew I wanted to be a positive voice.  I knew I wanted to encourage woman to feel better about themselves.  I knew I wanted to celebrate style at whatever price point or size it comes in.  I wanted a space to post pictures of parties I’ve hosted or projects I’ve been working on.  I want to post shameless photos of myself in outfits that I’ve put together.  Or photos of my friends, celebrating their style and to let them see themselves through my eyes.  I wanted to talk about tattoos, drinks and restaurants, my obsessions on pinterest, my friends & my little family.  I wanted to have a little space where I talk about the magical way I look at life some days.

I want this to be a classy, positive and alternative little blog space.

This is what I want from my blog and slowly I’ll be able to write and post about all these things.  I also want to be able to, at some point, turn this into something that makes money.  My ultimate dream is to be self employed, doing only the things I love (who doesn’t want that?!).  I’m not sure this will ever be able to make me enough to live off of, but I do think that eventually, it will be enough to be able to free me to pursue other avenues. I’d love to be able to go down to working part time and attend classes on things I’m interested in that would better me and make it possible to do other things and eventually have my own ventures out there.

I want this blog to open new doors for me.  Col (Mister Meanie) and I have always wanted to be able to work together.  I know it’s shmoopy, but we are shmoopy.  We love each other and would love nothing better than to be able to be together most of the time and create a living that sustains us.

These are my dreams, this is what I hope to get from blogging.


There has been no shortage of challenges in blogging so far.  There are a lot of blogs out there, as I mentioned above.  Which means, lots of competition.  But it also means a big community.  I love that about blogging, it may seem like competition, but really it’s a community.  There are a lot of friends to be made that can lift you up and help you out.  It’s called your “tribe” ( or so I have read) a group of like minded bloggers who you become friends with, that help promote each other and support each other.  They read each others blogs and comment/give advice and seem to become friends in real life.  Kind of amazing! I look forward to finding my place and my tribe.

My problem, however, is that I have always been a lurker.  I quietly sit in my internet corner, look at all the pretty things and keep to myself.  I love pinterest so much,  I can share away, but don’t often have to interact with people.  I always keep my facebook to around 100 friends, my instagram is open, but is not a busy place.  I keep to myself and those close to me.  So, this has been hard, trying to put myself out there.  It’s one thing to post blogs, it’s another to make comments on blogs you admire.  Interacting with strangers and bringing attention to your blog is kinda scary, especially when you’ve just fallen in love with their blog.  I guess it’s a confidence thing.  The same confidence I want to inspire in the people around me and those that read my blog, is the same confidence I’m tripping over in the blog world.   So I’m trying.

my intentions

My goals & intentions for this blog is to start getting more personal content up.  I want my photos here.  I know that I’m holding myself back on that front because I keep thinking the quality is not where I want it, both from a hardware point of view, but also skill level, which will only improve with time.  (but I reeeeally do want a new camera, with a flip & twist screen!).  I also want to figure out what exactly css & rss is and how to use them.  I want to network more.  I  want to figure out how to add social networking buttons in my colour theme.  The techy part is a mystery to me, but I want to learn it!

Over all, I’m feeling pretty good.  I feel energized, I feel like I’m finding where I want to be.  Hopefully I’ll figure out the look of my blog and stick with one for a while.  I’ll be attending The Blogcademy in June, which is very exciting!!  I’ve been introducing myself around a little bit, making comments here and there, while falling madly in love with some blogs and bloggers. And I’m giving myself time to figure it all out.

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