Sunday Kind of Love

Sundays are always good days in the Meanie household.  We stay in bed far too late, snug with the kitties, drink tea & have a tasty breakie.  But our favourite part of Sunday is usually not having anything to do, or if there is anything, it’s usually something fun with friends.  This past Sunday we did all of the above and then got ready to go to a really good friends birthday party downtown, just off English Bay.

It was a gloriously sunny, fall day.  So before we headed out for our festivities we grabbed a few shots in our back garden!

In the garden 2

Margot in the garden


Miss and Mister

Autumn Berries

Sunday Kinf of Love

What I wore:

  • Sweater – Old Navy
  • Blouse – Froever21+, which is actually a high low, open back, chiffon button up
  • Skirt – Torrid, but actually purchased at a local shop called Jean Queen
  • Tights – Penningtons
  • Shoes – thrifted
  • Necklace – Buffalo Exchange, I don’t know the brand

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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