Friday I’m in Love – BeauCoo and other wonders around the web!

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I was turned on to this site by the very lovely and inspiring Little Chief Honeybee.  It’s called BeauCoo and it’s like instagram for body positive, fashionable ladies of all sizes.  It’s a lot of fun and a great resource! It’s an app you can download for free on either android or iphone/ipads.   You can enter your dimensions (or not, no pressure) and find other lades with similar measurements and find out what they’re wearing, where they got it from and how good it suits your body type!! REALLY awesome and so positive, I just signed up on Sunday and already have 99 followers!  Also props that it’s from a couple of ladies from my old hometown of Calgary AB!



  • Did Andy Kaufman really fake his own death?  This has been a big discussion for years, but now, presumably, his daughter has come forward and said he is alive!! Hoax or no hoax, it’s throwing fans for a loop! Blerg, this has been busted!  Oh well, even beyond the grave (or not?) he’s till keeping us on our toes regardless.

ABANDONED by Dan Marbaix ABANDONED Dan Marbaix

  • This urban explorer has been arrested over 20 times in attempts to capture these beautiful & haunting images of abandoned and forbidden places. It makes you question why do we leave places never to return, do we hope to come back, do we forget? Lovely.

Maleficent screen capture

  • The new Maleficent teaser has been released, it looks pretty cool.  I think Angelina will be a great Maleficent and the story looks cool, just hope they don’t go over board with the CG.  Seriously, how badass does she look with the flaming hands as she makes the thorns grow!
  • I am not a fan of lawns.  Sure, I like hanging out in parks with them, grass is not the devil, I just think people put too much work into trying to make a green outdoor carpet.  Especially when you could put that land to use and produce flowers, fruits and veggies!  It looks wonderful to boot! Check out the transformation of this guys lawn!
  • The wonderful story and accompanying photos of the squishable Sir Snuffington!
  • I’m only in season 4 of Doctor Who and I won’t be taking part in watching the big 50th anniversary special, well, not yet  😥 I’m kinda cursing myself for not starting until late this summer.  It’s very different than what I thought it was going to be and I’m totally HOOKED!  Here’s a mini episode that just went up the other day for the big 50th celebration!

Hope you have a good weekend!

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