Friday I’m in Love November 22

In our changing world, is our education system really giving kids the learning and life skills they need?  Great and inspiring spoken word video by Suli Breaks.  It makes you really think about how much the Pythagorean theorem is relevant to your adult life.

Marketing professional/documentary filmmakers, 2008, left, and 2012, right

  • Interesting photographic project documenting the contents of individuals fridges and the changes they’ve seen in a four year gap.
  • Unlocking the Truth – sixth graders shredding.  It’s pretty awesome and inspiring that they are so focused and driven to be themselves.
  • A coworker of mine, who is a tattooer by day and scratch DJ by night turned me on the a really fun app for iphones or, in my case ipads.  It’s called edjing .  You import songs already on your device and you can mash ’em up and scratch away.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun!! He’s totally knows what he’s doing and has fun, it’s just something to dink around with, (his actually sounds like real music)!

Roy Lichtenstein Cross stich pattern

  • Fun Roy Lichtenstein cross stitch pattern, a new project I’d like to start on!!

I had a night by myself the other night and decided to get my teen angst on and watch Empire Records.  The weird thing is, I had randomly thought about the movie earlier in the week and then a few days later my tumblr feed exploded with Empire Record things. (I don’t know anyone on my tumblr and hadn’t mentioned anything, just a coincidence, I guess) It was really weird, but not so weird as when I finally had gotten home that night to watch the movie, logged into fb real quick as the movie was loading and my friend had a post about Gwar (if you’ve seen the movie, then you understand the Gwar thing.  Anyhoo, this got posted in the facebook thread and it is so wonderful!! Weird Al and Gwar, animated…YAY!

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