Further Confessions of a Hair Dye Addict

So, much for me vowing to not lay bleach to my head until after x-mas.  I decided a couple weeks ago, that I was going to chop off all my hair.  I’ve been trying to grow it out for a few years now, but have not succeeded in it getting any longer than my chin.  I know the bleach is what is doing it, but I also have some crazy hair right now. What with all the different chops I’ve taken off here and there, the asymmetric style and the undercuts I have a hard time staying away from, my hair is extremely jaggedy.  I want it to grow out into a more even bob so I’m cutting it all off…in an attempt to grow it out.

Mister Meanie thought it was funny, but I explained my reasoning, and he agreed.  I’m actually really stoked to cut it off, I’m nervous too, but excitement is prevailing! In the excitement, I figured I might as well go for one more bleach job before I give it the chop.    All those poor damaged ends are just gonna hit the floor anyways, right?!

Mermaid hurr

My hair was green/blue/purple for the last few months and the green really stains my hair.  I decided to go for a peachy/coral/salmon ish colour to counteract the green stains after bleaching.  I think I’ll stick with it for a month until I switch to lavender, which is one of my very, very favourite colours to rock on my dome.

coral inspiration

fiery dome

So, my colour mix came out a lot darker, but I figure in two to three weeks it should look a lot like the top photo. I used Punky’s Bright Yellow and Flamingo Pink, with a ratio of about 3 parts yellow 1 parts pink.  It looks really red in this picture.  Depending on the light, it can look very orange, or very red, but I know my hair and it’ll fade nicely into what I’m hoping for.  To maintain the colour, I plan to make a small mix of both of those dyes in the same ratios mixed with conditioner to achieve and keep the pastel look fresh.

chopchop inspiration

I’ll post some photos next week of my new cut, but for now, here is the photos I’m taking with me for my inspiration.  I want it to look mostly like the dark hair, but I really want the back and sides to look like the lavender.  Shortly after this get posted, I’ll be heading to get it all chopped off! 😀

kitty signature


3 thoughts on “Further Confessions of a Hair Dye Addict

    • Is it dyed black or natural? I had my hair bottle black for 6 years. I had grown it out long too, but then I decided on colors and new my hair needed the chop. I cut off 10″ of hair so I could go purple then later pink and on and on the colour has been since then.

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