Hello December

hello dec

We’ll it’s officially December and it’s game on!

December is usually a busy time anyways with x-mas & New Years, but it’s also my Mom’s birthday as well as my sister in law (my older sisters birthday is the very end of November) & my oldest friend, so very busy.  This month we’re also headed to Las Vegas for a weekend.  So this month is super busy.  And, quite expensive!

I’ve been busy jotting all my ideas down on paper, before my head lets all the great ideas flit away.  I hate that.  I hate having the perfect, wonderful, crafty and well thought out plan in your head, you think to yourself “this is such a great idea, I’ll never forget it”  only to completely forget the next time you try to recall what it was.  So, I am a list maker.  I feel better after writing things out and seeing them, more organised, it helps me remember better, or at least I think it does.  I get all my best ideas when I’m zoned out on the train or when I can’t fall asleep at night (which is often).  I need to make a habit of keeping a notebook by the bed and one in my purse.  I also like to have a detailed plan of where the expenses are going on a weekly basis so I can plan out the whole month and hope that there are no major surprises (which there almost always are).

I know some people like to get things ready and in place for x-mas before December hits, they don’t like the panic and hussle that December brings when trying to get your things together.  But for what ever reason, I just can’t do it.  X-mas starts on December 1st.  I like the build up and anticipation of getting excited that x-mas is in December.  I know all the shops want to shove it down our throats as soon as back to school is done (come on, wait until Hallowe’en, Remembrance day and American Thanksgiving are out of the way first!!) so I try to turn a blind eye until December hits. (Not to say I don’t start a bit of planning before though.  If you want to get an event in there, you need to claim the date early before someone else will!)  Once it does though, I’m in! That’s when I start my crafts and my shopping and decorations go up.

Yesterday was December first and Mister Meanie and I went out to get some new decorations from the cutest Japanese Dollar store and then headed to meet friends at the German X-mas Market for mulled wine and tasty wurst.  When we were done downtown we came home to put up our x-mas trees.  Yes, we have multiple trees, our place it too small for a full sized tree so they’re all tiny and adorable and we set up a little forest of pastel trees!  I’ll put up a post very soon with how the Meanie Manor is decked out for the holidays.

We’ve decided that having a pot of mulled wine going at all times (or as often as possible) is a mighty fine new tradition to introduce this year.  It makes the house smell yummy and it’s just freaking delicious!!

This month is going to be a busy one, it’ll fly by I’m sure.  But I’m excited for all the crafty projects I’m starting on and all the holiday parties I’ll be attending and birthdays happening and the shopping I’ll be doing in Vegas and going back to the German market.  It’s gonna be a fun month, I’m looking forward to it!

Hello December! What are you’re December traditions and plans?

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