Nerd Alert!! How to find a unique gift for your favourite nerd!

This edition of Friday I’m in Love is a gift guide for your resident nerd! There is no end to the useful and nerdy things you can get for your loved ones:

You can find it all in your local hobby/comic store or online.  But maybe you want to go a little more personal, unique or local? Here is one of my suggestions for your favourite nerd!

A local Vancouver Tattooer & artist, Aaliy Rose, has some really amazing prints for sale on her etsy shop or a Unity Tattoo in Vancouver on Commercial Drive. I’ve been lucky enough to purchase a couple of her prints at local conventions already.  She’s got you covered if you’re nerding out over Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, The Watchemen, The Life Aquatic, Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Dexter etc.   I have the Jurassic Park & Evil print, I’d love to add the GoT set to my overly covered walls!

Baratheon by AaliyRose

House Baratheon

Lannister by AaliyRose

House Lannister

Stark by AalieRose

House Stark

Targaryen by AaliyRose

House Targaryen

Jurassic Park by AaliyRose

Jurassic Park

Life Aquatic by AaliyRose

The Life Aquatic

Breaking Bad by AaliyRose

Breaking Bad

Dexter by AaliyRose


Evil by AaliyRose


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