Friday I’m in Love – Viva Las Vegas!

“We can’t stop here, this is bat country!”

I am currently en route to Las Vegas!!  This marks my third time in that crazy city that is fuelled by alcohol, sparkly lights, too short dresses, too high heels and the foolish dream of getting rich!  But I LOVE it there!  It’s an adult playground!

This time around there is a merry group of seven headed down, I’m stoked!

First off, I am not a gambler, but I do have plans for lots of drinks, a fancy meal and I have some awesome plans for shopping, as they have a forever21 that carries plus size in store!!  I am always baffled by the fact they don’t carry it in all stores, do they not want money??? There are plus size girls EVERYWHERE and we have NOWHERE TO SHOP!

There is also an awesome Nordstrom in the same mall as the Forver21+, so I’ll be looking for some fancy undergarments in there and at the Frederick’s of Hollywood!! As well as some boots.

wiggle it

I usually have really good luck at the Ross on the strip as well.  Last time I bought two cocktail dresses for under $10 each!! We’re hosting a Madmen themed New Years party this year, so I’ll have my eyes out for a wiggle dress that would make Christine Hendricks proud!  If I strike out at Ross, then I can always hit up the Bettie Page Store!


Mister Meanie & I are also suuuuuper stoked to be staying at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.  It had just opened the last day we were in Vegas the last time around.  It was so sparkly and decked out in crystals I almost died by the sheer amount of “squeeeeing” I did!


This is me squeeeing over the ropes and ropes of crystals in the newly opened (it actually opened that day!) Cosmopolitan Hotel in 2010

Something that I’m doubly excited about is that we upgraded to the Terrace studio, with the walk in shower AND soaker tub!!  The cherry on top though, is that the closet has Fornasetti wallpaper!  I’m a huge fan, so I’ll be making the Mister take some outfit photos in front of that for sure!!

Fornasetti Terrace+Studio+View+06

I’m very excited to have a fun time with my friends, wish my sis in law a very Happy Birthday, enjoy a swank hotel with my most favourite person of all time (mister meanie, of course) and get some awesome shopping done…oh and I definitely plan on drinking bubbles while in a bubble bath, as many times as I can!!

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3 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love – Viva Las Vegas!

  1. Hello Margot Meanie,
    On a similar note,, Tell me why you love it and your best experiences there……where do you like to stay, when was the last time you were there? VIVA LAS VEGAS
    Great Job!
    Lonnie Gibson

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