Wishlist Wednesday – All I want for X-mas


This is kind of a lazy post.  I’m still recovering from my weekend in Vegas.  Which was a ton a fun, but the recovery has been slooooow!!  I’m still so very, very tired.  I guess that will happen when you’re up until 3:30 – 5:30am each night!!

But this post is not about Vegas, that is for another day. This is about what I want for x-mas.

I sometimes feel like I can be difficult to shop for when it comes to x-mas items.  I don’t need a lot of stuff anymore, my home is pretty set up with all the necessities (not to say I don’t want things, I just don’t have the space!!).  I often want to ask for weird things, that aren’t always the easiest to get your hands on (ie, crystal ball on a fancy schmancy stand, a glass terrarium filled with succulents, etc) or sometimes just too expensive (ie any bloodmilk jewelry) so I ultimately refrain from asking for them.  But then other times I’m like,”Actually I’m easy, I like stuff!!” (ie craft beer, even making beer, or fun ingredients for cocktails, printed napkins, anything related to tea, things to make more craftiness etc)

This Wishlist Wednesday is actually just wishing that my family and friends all have a good holiday season. We all get so spread out over time and this time of year often makes people yearn to be together.  I’m fortunate to have some family with me, but many other members of my Meanie family, through blood & adopted, will be elsewhere this season and I want you all to know you are in my heart & wishes.  I hope everyone can get out to do a couple special christmasy events that make some wonderful and warm memories for many more x-masses to come!

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