Friday I’m in Love – Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing in Vancouver, which happens every year a handful of times.  It’s never very much and usually doesn’t last long, but the city freaks out and everyone forgets we’re Canadian.  As much as it’s a trek to get anywhere in the snow, as everyone forgets how to drive and the buses get slowed with new passengers and bad driving conditions, I still find it pretty.  I’m from the prairie where it’s snow for months on end.  I don’t much miss that cold, but I do find myself missing the snow sometimes, especially for x-mas time.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite magical, winter wonderland photos.  You can find more in my pinterest board {with starry eyes}

hearty life hues ice storm levitate snow picnic snow puffs snowy trees Untitled by nikaa via Flickr watching the snowwinter queen winter creek winter fairytale  winter spirit winters reflection

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