Wrap it up!

I’ve always been a big fan of wrapping up gifts,  I remember hiding in my bedroom or a parents bedroom and getting everything all wrapped up the night before gifts were presented.  I loved making them neat and tidy and maybe messing with people by putting things in the wrong box or weighing it down with books if it was light, or over taping the corners so it was next to impossible to get into for my sisters present.

In my twenties I started to colour coordinate a scheme for my gifts and for the last few years I’ve been going for a more vintage feel.  Something that brings back memories of how exciting it was to get a parcel.  I remember as a child I loved that word parcel.  Parcel, that word was so full of possibilities, you just knew something awesome arrived through the mail.  I loved the brown paper they came in, which in turn inspired me a few years back to source out kraft paper and wrap up everything as parcels.   I used a red sharpie to draw mail stamps on each package as the gift tag. I was also lucky to find some red twill tape with screen printed sayings on it that said “Special Delivery” & “With Kisses”, total score!

It was a lot of fun and surprisingly cheap (one roll of kraft paper is around $5 and lasted me 2 years with everything wrapped in it)!

Since then, I’ve seen some really great ideas from others who have also been using kraft paper.   Here is a collection of some of my favourites variations of kraft paper wrapping!

black ribbon & sprig doillies hand stamped kraft and stripes photo gift tags

I think I’ll be using a mix of the doilies and the black ribbon with a fresh sprig of something festive (holly, berries, evergreen or even rosemary) in place of a bow.  I’d also like to get a stamp for my name tags as well.

How are you planning on wrapping your presents this year?

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One thought on “Wrap it up!

  1. those are all very cool looking and I love the idea of using something fresh as a bow. I love holy that you get from the coast. It’s rare here.

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