I’m running a little late on the whole reflective blog thing.   As I mentioned, I’ve been pretty sickerly and have had zero energy for anything.  I’m finally beginning to shake the illness out and I’m ready to finally write  a few blog entries!

2013 was a very full year. It had some really amazing things happen and some very rattling things.  But on the whole, I’d say it was a good year.  It was my first year going to ECC (Emerald City ComicCon) which was a BLAST and really opened my eyes to how much fun cosplay is.  It also lead to my first time cosplaying at Fan Expo in Vancouver!  We’re already busy planning our trip to Seattle for ECC again and this year we will be cosplaying it up there!!

fan expo

In May I went to Florida to get my very first taste of Disney, which was magical, but even more magical, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter…..I have no words.  Or I have all the words.  The experience could not have been better.  (I was actually chosen in the wand shop, total witch over here!!!) Disney Studios was also hosting their Star Wars weekends and I found the droids I was looking for!!  R2 loved my hair, he actually squeed and zoomed up to me he was so stoked on it!

DisneyDisney hats Disney star wars  Hogwarts Honeydukes

In July we took the train down to Portland with some friends.  This marks the third year in a row we’ve made a weekend trip down to Portland, it might get a skip this year as we have some ambitious travel plans, but I really love that city!

portland 2 portland beer Portland

The summer wrapped up and back to school time struck.  We had been secretly planning a Harry Potter themed party for our friends since our trip to Orlando in May.  We kept it a secret and everyone guessing with a “save the date” event on facebook, but no info on the event at all.  Everything turned out great, but man, we really worked our buns off for that!  We’d love to host another HP party next year!

houses mandrakes1 potions

I also started my blog in September, and the Harry Potter Party was the very first thing I blogged about, you can see the original name of my blog on the photos.  As cute as the name was, it was a bit too much of a mouth full and I ended up shortening it to just my name.

Halloween was hot on the Harry Potter party’s heels and I was busy helping apply make up for Harvey Dent and Mr Freise.  Halloween is kind of our test run for ECC, as we were all Batman villians.

joker and the boys joker

You turn around and before you know it, it’s December!  X-mas is almost here followed by New Year and 2014, but not without one last trip!  We headed to Las Vegas for my sister in law’s birthday.  I think we did that town justice!  The earliest we went to bed was 3:30am.  We stayed in the brand new and very swanky Cosmopolitan Hotel and went for dinner at Thomas Kellers Bouchon for her birthday!  I may have done a tonne of shopping at the Forever21 there too, the plus size section is HUGE!  I really wish they would carry that line in more stores.

vegas bouchon vegas

In between all of these events, I made sausage at a local butcher shop and brewed my first batch of beer with a big group of friends.  I got some new tattoos, including a kitty stache on my finger and covered up my first tattoo with something AMAZING! My hair went through many colour changes and a drastic hair cut. I went camping with The Munsters and they’re adorable baby, Hazel Glenn and they’re two pups. I snuggled my kitties a ton, threatened to steal my friends kitty, Gir many times.  I took my monroe out, which I had for 11 years and got my medusa pierced in it’s stead (fuck, that really hurt!) and that brings us up to date!  Seriously, it was a hell of a year!

kitty signature


2 thoughts on “2013

  1. Loved the cupcakes for the HP party didn’t know you had that. I didn’t see your first blogs. Wow that was quite a year. Love you and talk to you soon.

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