Friday I’m in Love #08


photo @une_petite_sorciere drawing @meowzen Check em out on instagram!

Meet Drucilla, my friends super cute kitty familiar! She’s going for a deep sea dive!

cat and squirrel

  • Yesterday marked most people going back to work after the holidays, so to keep us in a better mood we started sharing cat photos and gifs with each other on facebook.
  • Cheeky bar in Missouri gets slapped with a cease and desist and they slap Starbucks with a $6 cheque!!
  • I absolutely love how ridiculous this commercial is!!
  • The top 75 photos of the year.  I’ve seen a few of them, but they are all worth a second look!


  • science for the win!!  They plan on landing a spider like craft on a moving comet, drilling into it to get live readings! Very armageddon!
  • This crab is trying to steal my camera!!
  • How to speak “Canadian”  or 9 of nearly 82 uniquely Canadian terms.

I could watch this over and over again, in fact, I did!!

kitty signature




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