Friday I’m in Love #09

Jeff Gogue

in progress – Jeff Gogue

If you love tattoos and you are not familiar with Jeff Gogue, then you should head over to his facebook account and give him a follow.  He is kind of awe inspiringly good!

nibbler tattoo

Puppy (nibbler) portrait by Nick Sarich

Also, if you are really into tattoos or you’re just getting into them, I strongly recommend checking out  They feature some really excellent work and artists!

  • I am 90% certain that I am a crazy cat lady already, all things cats amuse me nerdy cat things are even better!!  Cat armor?? C’mon, that is AWESOME!!  And how about  Mewbacca?!!
cat cross stich alphabet

ok, I am 100% a crazy cat lady….

Ashworth love hats

Oh My Gawd , I AM 110% a crazy cat lady!!! This, dear readers, is my snuggly cuddle buddy, Detective Ashworth Grimes (Ash or Ashworth for short) He freaking LOVES hats. He gets all happy and comfy and starts to purr once one is placed on his tiny kitty dome!

Plasticland had a bunch of stuff on clearance, and I’m totally left drooling over a bunch of their shoes and a few accessories.  If anyone is interested in sending me a gift, my shoes size is 8/8.5 😉

//These Bayou Belle Booties in Sea Green are so cute, bummer they’re out of my size. // The Violet Femme Platform Wedge are pretty damn awesome too! // Hmm, Opulent Onyx or Glamorous Garnet Velveteen Booties?? // Holy Hologram Pointed Toe Flats, Hologram, check, pointy toes, check, extra strappies, check! // I seriously want these Charming Charleston Oxford Flats soooo bad, I should probably order 2 pairs as I just know I’d wear the hell out of them! //  These are a bit pricier, even on sale, but these Green With Envy Maryjanes are seriously making me green with envy!! // I’m really in need of a new everyday purse and I’ve been eyeing up some bags with more structure, this Licorice with a Twist Handbag is really fitting the bill on what I’ve been looking for, but there is only one left 😦 //  I mentioned the Phrenology Head Candlestick Set in a previous post before x-mas and now they’re on sale!! I would totally love these in my house! //

Also, a quick shout out to my Amazing Step Mom, it’s her birthday on Sunday!!  Happy Birthday, Sue (I’ll call you this weekend!)  OXOXO

kitty signature

PS. Plasticland goes through a third party for shipping anything outside of the U.S., a minimum of $100 is required to place the order and shipping costs are very high.


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