Time Travel

Oh, How I wish the Doctor and his TARDIS would pop into my life sometimes!! Or to have a personal holodeck programmed with all the best parties in history & literature.

I am totally a golden age romantic.  I idolize many time periods and truly wish I could have a slice of that cake.

Frank Miller

Photo by Frank Miller
(whole set of photographs were found here)

I dream of partying with Marie Antoinette all Rococo’d up, drinking champagne and nibbling macrons, or getting in deep with some very mystical and dangerous magic with Morgaine le Fey.  How about slugging back whiskey & beer, listening to jazz and bopping around Manhattan & Harlem in the 50’s as a beatnik, or I could be a Bohemian Queen in 1920’s Paris, hanging out with great painters and writers (seriously, Midnight in Paris is one of my dreams!!).  Let’s go get rowdy and low brow with some Vaudeville or some follies.  I could easily go for ripping it up with some original Riot Grrrls or play around with Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick at the factory or I could have afternoon tea & a session of making preserves with the likes of Anne of Green Gables.   

1933 erotic postcard

1933 erotic postcard

bikini kill

Bikini Kill – Photo by Pat Graham

andy and edie

Andy & Edie with Chuck Wein

It’s all so lovely, so romantic and so appealing.

Luckily, I am living in and making my own golden age.  Though it does not seem quite as glamorous and romantic all the time, you have to remind yourself that it was not always parties in those days either.  They definitely had their own share of monotony, hangovers, bills, work, being broke or just plain too tired to go out. While most of us are dealing with all of those things we have our share of amazing adventures, debauchery, intimate moments and entangling dramas (though, I do try to shy away from the drama).


Hemingway - the sun also rises

I still find myself wanting to return to those other times though and for that, I am determined to read more books from my favourite time periods.  After I finish reading Mists of Avalon I have decided that I’d like to be in the head space of the writers of Paris in the 20’s.  I will begin with The Sun Also Rises, it will be my very first Hemingway.  I also plan to read A Movable Feast.  I have read The Great Gatbsy by F.Scott Fitzgerald before but it was a long time ago.  The movie was so lovely and total eye candy, but I’d like to refresh myself with the book to remind myself of some of the finer points in the story.  I’ll also give This Side of Paradise a whirl.  And I figure, why not give Zelda Fitzgerald a chance, so Save me the Waltz is in my reading list as wellAnd I very much want to read The Autobiography of Alice B Tolkas by Gertrude Stein, she was so influential during that time period.

zelda fitzgerald - save me the waltz

Stein - the autobiography of Alice B tolkas

I want to be whisked away and inspired.  I’m quite certain that this will facilitate that.  I’m also quite sure it will inspire a few more parties I’d like to host!

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