Friday I’m in Love #11

I was totally delighted to find a package in the mail for me this weekend!!  I was sent a really cute and soft grey infinity scarf as well as some pretty badass tea on hangers.  Check out the afternoon tea bags!!



Ever since I cut my hair short, I’ve been hunting around for some really great statement earrings and these fit the bill!  I am drooling over this new listing in LaPlumeNoir’s etsy shop.  I’m in love with her shop and I’ve been lucky to acquire a few of her pieces before.

PS. I love when I don’t have to alter earrings from hooks to clasps to fit in my tunnels!

la plume noir golden brass filigree earrings

And I will take a handful of these from AppleLatte‘s etsy store!  Seriously, different colours for each finger?? I’m down!

Apple Latte - kitty rings

When I was little, my mom made me a really amazing dollhouse!  I loved that thing so much and was heartbroken when whilst moving one time, a helpy helper dropped the couch on it.  It was smashed to bits and I cried (and no, I wasn’t still little, I was about 19, still, I cried).  This little (witch) dollhouse is so amazingly perfect!!  Someday, when I’m old and have a big home I’ll fill it with knick knacks like this! (even though the Mister and I have spent the last 3 years getting rid of cluttery stuff)

witches doll house

It’s pretty awesome to be surrounded by creative and artistic people, even better when some of them are your best friends!!  This adorable chickadee half sleeve is being done at work by the lovely and ever so talented Amanda Meowzen!

chickadee by Amanda Meowzen

This made me snort…maybe I was tired (I was on pinterest re-pinning this at about 2am)

failed escape

I’m pretty excited the date for the second International Tabletop Day was announced and it will be Saturday April 5th!  If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a day that Geek & Sundry came up with to encourage people to play board games together and introduce more people into the wonderful world of tabletop gaming in their words “International TableTop Day is a celebration for all the fans of tabletop gaming. A single day where the whole world is brought together in a common purpose of spending time together and having fun.”.

There is such a vast world of games out there, from hardcore nerdy to hardcore dirty (I’m looking at you Cards Against Humanity).  It’s a really great way to spend time with your friends, that’s not in front of a tv.  They’ve created a great community that you can partake in by registering your event.  They encourage tweeting, facebooking, tumblring and instagramming  as they make a compilation of all the events going on in the world!


I made a impulsive “I’m gonna spoil myself” decision on Monday and finally ordered two velvetine lipsticks form Lime Crime!  I’m so stoked!! I’ve been drooling over them for months, but it’s one of those indulgent purchases you just seem to put off all the time.  I ordered the classic red velvet as well as the pink velvet (as Doe Deere would say, “because it’s PINK!”).  They are releasing a “Clueless Witch” collection and I could not be more stoked on the colours!! I figured, order these two I’ve been wanting forever see what I think of them and if they are as great as I expect them to be then I will order the set of three clueless witches for myself in March!!

velveteensclueless witch collection

I was soooo STOKED to find that iamamiwhoami released a new song and video, fountain, this week!  I listened to it twice while I got ready in the morning and then went to work and listened to a the rest of their songs!

Cheers & happy weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love #11

  1. what a wonder write up today. I was so surprised you still remembered the doll house I made you. Maybe on day you and I will work on one together. The tea bags are great. Enjoyed all the info. Love you and talk to you soon. Mummsie

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