Review // Lime Crime Velvetines

I have been pining for the Vevetines by Lime Crime, in Red Velvet and Pink Velvet, specifically.  I finally made my purchase and thought I’d share my thoughts on them!

These colours look so great online.  Highly pigmented and velvety matte.

I actually adore everything about this company and how they brand themselves.  But the icing on the cake is their fearless leader, Doe Deere.  She is an inspiration, not only as an entrepreneur, but also a style icon and technicoloured, unicorn princess.

Doe Deere

How could you not love a girl who’s personal motto is “Don’t quit your daydream”?!

I received my package in the mail about a week and a half after I ordered it.  I was happy to open the box and see pink polka dots lining the box!!  It’s always a treat when the company cares so much about their brand that they go all the way with it, extending all the way to the shipping box!  My two lip stains were wrapped neatly in some lime green tissue paper sealed with a Lime Crime lip sticker.

Package opening

I wish they had included a few extra stickers and not just the one holding the tissue closed. It’s always nice to get bonuses in a package, but they also act as more advertising!

colour swatches

Colour swatches on my wrist, top is indoors and bottom is in direct sunlight and had not dried matte yet. | Lime Crime review

I chose to try the pink velvet first. It’s wonderfully vibrant and perfectly matte! | Lime Crime review

YAY Lime Crime!

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  I ordered my two lip stains through the LimeCrime website.  It’s an easy to navigate website, it’s super bright and easy to find what you are looking for.  Each tube cost $20 and $6.95 flat rate shipping to Canada.  With the exchange rate, my order was $52.75 cdn.

That’s usually a lot for lipstick for me, but this stuff has been all up in my pinterest and instagram wishlist for months and months.  I’ve heard great things and figured the splurge was justified, since I had wanted it so bad for such a long time (key to good shopping, if you are still thinking about it much later, than you really, really want it, so might as well get it, right?  If only I could stick to that rule and not fall for “but it’s such a good deal” so often)

On the box, they do not recommend the use of lip liner but suggest a lip brush if you need to refine the edge.  I completely agree.  I didn’t use lip liner nor did I have a brush handy, but I found the wand to be sufficient in getting the edges smooth.  I have plenty experience with applying bright or dark lipsticks, sometimes ones that are long lasting wear, so I am used to applying with care.  If you’re newer to applying bright lipsticks or lip stains, a lip brush could never hurt!

This lip stain was light and airy to wear, not too dry or noticeable at all, it honestly barely feels like you are wearing lipstick at all.  I applied it in the morning and did not re-apply until after my lunch (photo below), I had sushi and you can see how it wore after a meal.  I’m sure if it was a greasier meal it would have come off a lot more, but I’m fairly happy with this.  I didn’t have to reapply for the rest of the day after that once.

It transferred only slightly on my teacup, but I think if you had cream, as I have had since in my coffee, I found it transfers a bit more on a to-go cup lid.  Though it doesn’t look like you have lost any colour from your lips. | Lime Crime review

This is directly after eating sushi. It held up fairly well!

Lime Crime Velvetine Review //

My work tea cup, very little transfer, though it could be more if you have cream.

But let’s talk about the smell….it. is. AMAZING!  I had several friends sniff it from the bottle and we all agree, it smells like cake, or icing or iced cake.  DELICIOUS! I’m not even a sweet tooth, but it smells grrrreat!

Overall, I give them an A+.  It’s a bit pricey, but by no means over priced.  I think since you don’t have to reapply often, it will last a good amount of time.  The smell and colour are amazing and it’s very comfortable to wear (I had heard elsewhere that someone found them quite drying to the lips, but I haven’t encountered that at all).  The shipping was relatively quick and I’m super stoked to now be part of the Lime Crime army.

I look forward to ordering two from the Clueless Witch collection that get debuted in March!! I may also give babette and serpentina a go as well.

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4 thoughts on “Review // Lime Crime Velvetines

  1. thanks for you post!! love your tea cup by the way! anyways, just wanted to comment that i absolutely have to disagree with you on the smell. i dont know if i got a bad batch or what but mine smells extremely strong – smells like vanilla and coconut but its so strong that the first time i opened it, the whiff of it already made me look away 😦 this is so sad for me as i live on an island with close to no make up sold in any stores (compared to US and UK) and i waited for a month to get it shipped to me. i know they did add 2 new ingredients from the old one to the new packaged one. and! most importantly, i have a slight reaction to it every time after i use it. the reaction isnt crazy or anything just itching and slight swelling of lips.. i hope i can find the culprit in the ingredient.

    much love from this island to you in canada xxx

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