Friday I’m in Love #13

too many tabs

I am terribly notorious for surfing the web this way at work, it drives my co-workers crazy, as we have a shared computer :-/

1920's bobs

no matter how hard I try , I can never master the waves 😦

ASOS CURVE Maxi Dress With Bell Sleeve

This dress is so glamorous! I desperately am drooling over it, but I want it in black and it is almost sold out in my size. (It also reminds me of River Song at the beginning of Time of Angels)

\\My facebook feed has been full of the Buzzfeed quiz “Which ’90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You?”  pretty funny, I took it a few times trying to get all the girls to see what they said.  Turns out Shirley Manson took the quiz too, who did she get? .  Haha!!

\\I have read this comic strip, How to find happiness, before and I really love the message, but I had scrolled down and learned a bit about the illustrator and found his website and it’s really awesome & inspirational as well!! But this one, about Malala Yousafzai made my hair stand up, amazing!

\\ I dream of being mentioned someday in a list of incredible ladies such as these, but for now, let’s celebrate the 15 plus size bloggers redefining fashion blogging I’d add zerostyle into that mix too and make it 16.

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