Friday I’m in Love #16

I’ve just been introduced to the wonderful jewelry collections by Laura Flook, specifically the Hand of Valediction line.  These pendants, collar chains, cuff links, lapel pins and even suspenders are gorgeous, elegant and vintage feeling.  I am truly in love!


space gifs // RAD!

Adventure Time mug and saucer set by The Fandon Teapot

These are so full of wonderful! // The Fandom Teapot on Etsy

Speaking of Adventure Time…Wouldn’t these shoes just be perfect for a Lumpy Space Princess inspired outfit or cosplay??

// This article on shopping!! I always try to stick to my main rule of “if I’m still thinking about it an hour/day/week/month later, then I should get it” but I totally get swayed by sales…*sigh*

//Local, Vancouver area shop, Osmosis Tattoo (and home of the very lovely, talented & funny Amanda Meowzen) is looking for a Full Time tattoo artist & an apprentice!

//This link is going pretty viral right now, but seriously, how awesome is this little girl?!!

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