Caturday #03 // Horitomo

GAH!! I love Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura so much!!

Tattoos & cats, a match made in my personal heaven!

Horitomo - tattooed cat Horitomo - Rat tattoo cat Horitomo - Divina Narcisa Horitomo - Cat with rat Horitomo - Cat with koi Horitomo - Cat with dragonHoritomo - Inspired by a print by KuniyoshiHoritomo - Monmon fudo cat

Horotomo - Tattoo matching cats on feetone of Horitomos kittiesHoritomo photo

Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura tattooes at State of Grace in San Jose, California.  You can purchase his book, Monmon Cats online through select retailers.  If you’re on instagram, I STRONGLY recommend you give him a follow, dude loves his cats and he’s a sick tattoo artist!

Sqeeee! Happy Caturday!

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