Friday I’m in Love #18

blacktip reef sharks

//This is what happens when four blacktip reef sharks swim amongst a school of fish. //

East Van Love

// East Van Love//

Alicia Watkins' embroidered microbes collection

// Alicia Watkins’ embroidered microbes collection//

Alicia Watkins' embroidered microbes syphilies

// Alicia Watkins’ embroidered microbes syphilis//

Alicia Watkins' embroidered microbes whooping cough

// Alicia Watkins’ embroidered microbes whooping cough//

Zach Braff screwing a fan

//Which Buffy character are you?  I got Giles 😀

//I’m going to see a beatnik play this weekend! Underbelly

//Just saw “In a World” this week!  It funny, well written & excellently acted with a splash of girl power thrown in for good measure! I strongly recommend watching it if you’re stuck on what to watch!

//Who likes bubbly?? Who Likes gin??  Put them together and you have a French 75, one of my favourite drinks & tops on what I’m craving in a cocktail lately!!  Here are three different ways to make a tasty French 75, Classic, with lavender &  with St. Germain (though I find St Germain to be sweet enough to skip the simple syrup)

//Monday was St Patrick’s Day, but more importantly is was an anniversary of sorts.  It marks five years since I got up the gumption to ask my favourite person if he would take my hand in marriage! Happily he said ‘yes’, otherwise that could have ended up embarrassing. ❤

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