Fan Girl Finds from ECCC

Last weekend was Emerald City Comicon, so my friends and I packed up and headed down to Seattle for the weekend.

Our weekend was full of fun stuff, like watching cosplayers, checking out Alan Tudyk’s panel & playing tabletop games.  But mostly, it’s shopping.


It’s basically a huge shopping mall for nerds of any and all sorts, which is awesome!!

Though we did acquire a Firefly board game expansion & I finally purchased my first two sets of dice my biggest finds this year where actually all clothing.

I really tried to rein myself in and only purchase things that I knew I could incorporate into outfits that I would wear on a somewhat regular basis.  I think I was fairly successful too!

So here are my top finds from this years ECCC.

BMO Sweater // We Love fine //

// BMO sweater // We Love Fine //

I Am Vader Tank //  We Love Fine //

// I Am Vader Tank // We Love Fine //

I totally scored at the We Love Fine booth!!

I absolutely HAD to get the BMO sweater (ps, they have a pretty sweet Lumpy Space Princess sweater too!).  I scoped it out on Friday and went back early Saturday to purchase it! I didn’t even see the Vader tank until Sunday, it was a total impulse purchase, but one I am not feeling any regret from.  I already own the X-Wing dress by her universe, so it’s nice to have both the Rebels and the Empire covered in my closet now.

Deathly Hallows Crop Tank // Android Sheep //

// Deathly Hallows Crop Tank // Android Sheep //

I had also spotted this Deathly Hallows crop tank on the Friday and figured if I was still into it on Saturday I’d nab it too! I was a little apprehensive of purchasing at first, as it is a one size only.  But the girl working the booth was a similar body shape to me and said she wears it all the time.  So I figured, whateva’ whateva’, and if it doesn’t fit how I’d like, I can easily alter it with some lace side panels or replace the back with chiffon.Nerd Nail Wraps by Espionage Cosmetics // margotmeanie

I literally SQUEED when I saw these nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics!  I had originally saw them featured on Gamerwife and I totally wanted them then, so soon as I saw them in person I knew they had to be mine.  I ended up with the “Time Lord” and “Make It So” sets!

I plan on putting them onto fake nails so I can wear them whenever.  Though, they did say if they are applied correctly, they can last up to 3 weeks!  That is some pretty impressive wear, so I may change my mind on the fake nail thing.

Last item I splurged on was on was a total temporary, none clothing, none accessory, complete indulgence.  I purchased Serenity, Tardis & Dalek gourmet chocolates from The Truffle Cottage.  Man, they were sooooo good!! I’m seriously considering joining the Novelty Truffle of the Month Club!


So, expect some nerdy type outfit posts to come in the near future!!


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