Friday I’m in Love #20

My mind has been completely stuck in nerd/fan girl mode all week.   So, this weeks Friday I’m in Love is following that trend.

My Walking Dead group finally got together to watch the last three episodes of this season, which were freakin’ grrreat!  Now it’s onto Tabletop day all day Saturday and Captain America followed by Game of Thrones on Sunday!!!!! (speaking of Game of Thrones, wanna see something awesome? No spoilers, I promise, just awesomeness)

Saturday I will be fabric shopping as well.  I’m hoping to get my booty in gear and have something to cosplay for FanExpo in two weeks.

This is pretty inspiring, but not what I’ll be attempting! Haha!

The Stalk // Saga Cosplay //

// Epic cosplay! // Prince Robot & The Stalk – Saga //

// Dissection of Little Mermaid by Nychos //

// Dissection of Little Mermaid by Nychos //

Top Hat Kitty

// I usually save these for Caturday, but look how cuuuuuute, with his wittle top hat!! //

//Here’s a super inspiring article,  Women to watch: 11 trailblazing ladies who dominate sci-fi & fantasy

//This is a pretty fantastic theory!

//This gets stuck in my head anytime someone says “Washington“!

//This teacher is BRILLIANT!

//Last year my friend got a drawing from Cyanide & Happiness at Emerald City, he did a time lapse video of the drawing! (he did it again this year, but I don’t think he’s posted it yet)  It was fun meeting those guys they’re so enthusiastic, I guess I would be too if I got to draw hilarious ridiculousness all day! The video below pretty much became our theme song for Seattle.

//Since attending ECC I have been struck with some pretty hardcore inspiration!! I am working on a secret project that I’m reeeeally stoked on!!

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