Caturday #07 // Zombiecat

My friend has the cutest little snuggle muffin named  Zombie Cat.

I’ve been obsessed with little guy ever since she first showed me a photo years ago!  Now I follow him on instagram to get my daily dose of smoosh face!

Zombiecat snarl

He was just featured on Buzzfeeds 20 Up-and-Coming Pets You Need To Follow On Instagram Before They Get Famous.  If being featured on Buzzfeed isn’t enough to cat-apult you into internet fame I’m not sure what will.

Zombie Cat is featured at #14 in a really great list of snuggles.

Zombiecat sleepy snugs

As well as having an instagram for Zombie, she also manages a page for her other kitty, Chief Wiggum Cat & her rescued bunny Peagreen.

special cats

In addition to her other accounts she has also started yet another account for the special kitties on instagram.

After being ignored by Cats of instagram, she figured Zombie was just too special for them.  So she created The Special Cats, for all the lovable kitties that aren’t quite normal, but ultimately just as snuggable, cute and deserving of love.

the special cats

She’s a true champion for animals and I think Zombie being featured on instagram is going to be have a big impact in new followers, but I think The Special Cats of Instagram is a really wonderful project and it’s already taking off!

Happy Caturday!

kitty signature

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