What I Wore // No…I am Your Father

As promised, the first outfit post to feature my fan girl finds from ECCC!  This is my “I Am Vader Tank” from We Love Fine.  I’m pretty stoked on it!

No Disintegrations // margotmeanie.com Obi-Wan has taught you well //  margotmeanie.com You under estimate the power of the dark side // margotmeanie.com I find your lack of faith is disturbing // margotmeanie.com

// I Am Vader Tank – We Love Fine

//Flocked Polka Dotted Jeans – Forever21+

//Jacket – New Look/ASOS (similar)

//Shoes – Urbanog

//Bag – Consignment shop in Portland

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3 thoughts on “What I Wore // No…I am Your Father

    • I’ve seen the Vader dress, it pretty dang cute! I have the X-Wing version of the dress. I don’t wear it a ton, as it’s very white & orange, not my usual colour palette! hahaha!

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