April 16th // My Birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday!!!

I love celebrating my birthday and I’m not ashamed to have a me me me day!

Not only is it my birthday, but as of this week, I am also embarking on a new chapter in my life!

This blog has become very dear to me and I find myself wanting to focus on it more and more.  I also have a huge project in the works that I’m also so very excited for it to come to it’s fruition!

Anyway, back the birthdayness, here’s a little taste of what my birthday has been all about so far!

birthday in bed // April 16th // My Birthday

birthday in bed

Presents from my main squeeze // April 16th // My Birthday

Presents from my main squeeze

I just want to thank you all for following me!  This blog has brought me a lot of joy and I love the focus and direction it is heading.  I get really excited about new posts and interacting with so many inspiring bloggers!


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