Wishlist // A Laptop with Photoshop


Since I am without photoshop for the foreseeable future, I am trying to find something simple yet can yield similar results to my usual wishlists from my ipad.

I have not had success yet and I’m kind bummed as I was really digging how they were looking.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting more instagrammish type photos of myself. And making a new laptop with photoshop a priorty!

But, that will probably not happen until June *sigh*

What I Wore:

//sheer maxi skirt // Forever21+ last summer (It’s actually a maxi tank dress with the upper part tucked under!)

//vest // Forever21+ (I think this is 5 years old now!! but still a staple in my wardrobe!)

//vintage Metallica tank // tucked up to make it a crop top.  I’m seriously considering turning all of my seldom worn rock tops into crops of sorts!!

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4 thoughts on “Wishlist // A Laptop with Photoshop

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