// my blog as a mix tape // june

my blog as a mix tape // june // on 8track // margotmeanie.com

Last month I participated in a fun challenge going around to make your blog into a mix tape {you can listen to last months here}.

Since then, I’ve often found myself reflecting back on how much fun I had compiling my playlist and how much I enjoyed sharing such a personal part of myself.   I came to the conclusion that I would make this a monthly installment here!

I welcome you to the June edition of my blog as a mix tape.

Now, I’m old school, {because I’m actually old enough to have made actual mix tapes, mixed cds came in my 20’s}, so I have an A & B side, which comes out to approximately 1 hour of music.

This mix articulates my current head space.  It nourishes my cravings for fun covers {that I think are a prerequisite of the summer season}, some quirkier lighter tunes, a dash of nostalgia and a bit of the darkness that I seek in these hotter months.

I hope you enjoy!

side A

//cocorosie – rainbowarriors

//lana del ray – summertime sadness

//how to destroy angels – the space in between

//portishead – strangers

//cat power – sea of love

//the gossip – dark lines

//jenny owen youngs – hot in herre

//sia – breathe me (four tet remix)

side B

//handsome boy modeling school – modeling sucks

//hunx and his punx – lovers lane

//yelle – que veux tu (madeon remox)

//swing republic – crazy in love (freshly squeezed)

//2 cellos – smooth criminal

//yann tiersen – comptine d’un autre été (amélie soundtrack )

//ladyhawke – my delerium

//chelsea wolfe – feral love


What do you find yourself listening to?  What is currently your favourite tune or song you can’t seem to shake out of your head?

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