my blog as a mix tape | july

my blog as a mixtape // july // margotmeanie.comWelcome to {My Blog As A Mix Tape}  This is inspired by a challenge put forth by the wonderful Joie Fatale, which I have turned into a monthly feature here! 

I like to be classic and true to a mix tape, marking the songs on an “a” side & “b” side, though I have compiled them together on my 8track playlist for ease of listening.

I truly enjoy doing these monthly mixes.  It really gives me a time to reflect on the last month and see where I’ve been at emotionally and mentally.

I’d be lying if I said a lot of these weren’t heavily influenced from movie soundtracks, like The Great Gatsby & Romeo + Juliet {it’s been a Baz Luhrmann kinda month}.

I love the saying “live your life like a movie”  I find I romanticize life a lot and I’m not really sorry about it either. Here is my July in a mix tape, or “my life as a movie soundtrack” for the month,  I hope you enjoy…

side A

// white town – your woman

//mr. scruff – jazz potato

//saint pepsi – mr wonderful

//moby – flower

//nightmares on wax –  you wish

//moon dog – birds lament

//ben l’oncle soul – seven nation army {cover}

//robyn – call your girlfriend

side B

//sonic youth – superstar {cover}

//echo and the bunnymen – the killing moon

//joy division – love will tear us apart

//radiohead – high & dry

//the cardigans – my favourite game

//sia – kill and run& beautiful

//nick cave & the bad seeds – the ship song


If your life were a movie, what would be on your soundtrack?

{you can listen to  May & June}

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4 thoughts on “my blog as a mix tape | july

  1. That second side was basically my college soundtrack. Oh to be that young, moody, goth-wannabe again…

    Actually, no. I’m good.

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