black hearts: a gift guide for anti valentines

Valentines day is not every gal’s cuppa tea, and I happen to be one of those gals.

I would never want to deny other V Day lovers out there and will always encourage outward displays of affection and love {hey, I’m not adverse to warm fuzzies!}.  Generally, when I walk down aisles crammed full of every conceivable product and candy packaged in pink or red and variants of hearts, roses and stuffed animals, it kinda makes me gag and maybe giggle a bit at the absurdity of some of the trinkets that are given to express ones undying affection.

So, I have decided to make a few Gift Guides to navigate this time of year.  Even though I’m not a patron of St Valentines Day myself, I would never naysay a well thought out gift.

To kick off this three part series, I’m starting with The Black Hearts gift guide, for the gals that are perhaps a little anti valentines, jaded or just enjoy the darker things…

The Black Hearts a gift guide //

{click image to enlarge}

So there you have it, some quirky, if not morbid & a wee bit humorous ways you can gift your gal pal or person of loooove interest.


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7 thoughts on “black hearts: a gift guide for anti valentines

  1. I loooove those lipsticks and this post in general. I’m married to the least romantic man in the universe so the hearts and flowers bit isn’t really me. I’d sooner have a bottle of vodka and a bloody good orgasm! 😉

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