candy hearts: a gift guide for valentines day

Ok, I’m not an ogre!!

I know I kicked off my Valentines Gift Guides with an anti-Valentines theme.  I slagged the “over the top, cutesy, pink holiday” and really, it may make it seem like I hate the holiday, but really { I swear! }, I don’t hate it at all,  I just choose not to celebrate it. { hey, everyday is Valentines in the Meanie household! }

There are many aspects of the holiday that really are cute.  I mean, how can you hate candy hearts, lip print everything and little paper Valentines being handed out?! It’s pretty darn near impossible to hate on a holiday that is devoted to all things lovie dovie.

So in atonement, I offer up some sickly sweets treats for your sweety { or yourself! } in today’s second part of my Valentines Day Gift Guide series…

candy hearts a gift guide for valentines //

{ click image to enlarge }


Well, pretty darn cute, eh?!!

If you missed it, you can catch the 1st Valentines Day gift guide here, and be sure to check out my other gift guides as they are excellent resources as well, especially if you don’t want to stick to all things hearts & love!

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