#rebelliousselflove | week one

I have to start this off by saying one thing.

I am humbled.

I could not believe the level of enthusiasm and participation for this challenge! We have been averaging almost 200 entries a day in the challenge hashtag and I couldn’t be more proud!

I am also thankful.

I am so very thankful because this challenge has given me a unique opporunity to get to know so many of you on instagram. You have shared silly things, defiant things, heart breaking and heart warming things!

It has been a treat and also quite the task of wading through the entries to do the round ups I promised. I will make sure to be more diligent with screen capping entries that stand out as soon as I see them as opposed to going back through the tag.

Day 1: a selfie

day 1 - selfie

@xutraa, @glitterinthedirt, @sabrinaateam & @kaileyinnz

I decided to start the challenge off with something easy and a way for people to kind of introduce themselves. I was beyond happy to see so many lovely faces in the tag for the first day!

Day 2: favourite accessory

day 2 - favourite accessory

@fatshionpeepshow, @cidstylefile, @lowkierunya & @flamesandsparkles

I was so impressed by everyone’s favourite pieces. Items they hold dear or just couldn’t live without. They ranged from wedding rings, to chokers they never took off to harnesses, watches, sunnies, basically anything you can image. I was so moved to see the stories most people felt compelled to include. And I found myself reanalyzing my favourite accessory to feature.

Day 3: shout out your bestie

day 3 - shout out your bestie

@sschievink, @pasacrelton, @carole_tish & @lisaphilbino

How could this one not warm your heart? Day 3 was oozing with love. We had sisters, life long friends, husbands, partners, whole groups of friends and family and even those no longer with us represented here. I’m such an old softy, my eyes were glazed over with happy tears looking through the tag!

Day 4: daring lipstick

Day 4 - daring lipstick

@danielle.bex, @the_thicke_goddess, @watdafuqbro & @sinaminy

We really had people having fun on “daring lipstick” day. There were people who have just been aching to play with fun colours, others opting for something that may not seem daring, but was the opposite of what the normally wear and perhaps my favourites, the ones who rebelled and said “screw it! I’m going bare!”

Day 5: flip something off that annoys you

day 5 - flip something off

@rororo.your.boat, @justmeleah.co.uk. @queline123 & @catcancraft

Flip something off day was kinda perfectly timed, as a certain youtuber thought they’d get some clicks for posting a shitty video titled “Dear Fat People”, there has since been plenty of excellent responses, here are a couple of my favourites {mew & mew}. So we saw PLENTY of challengers flipping off body shaming, hate and ignorance of any kind. We also saw a lot of people flipping off the dishes, or laundry, I guess none of us likes seeing those chores looming.

Day 6: your favourite book{s}

day 6 - favourite books

@reni.voodoo.valentine, @fatkittysaurus, @dovahkhaleesi & @captjossywossy

Why oh WHY did I not put an “s” on favourite book?!!! I couldn”t pick just one, so I have no idea how I expected anyone else too!!  Lesson learned, we all have pretty epic taste in books and there are plenty kindred spirits out there!

Day 7: video make a silly face


How I wish I could include everyone’s videos! They tickled me to no end! I included this as a challenge because I think we can all take our selves a bit too seriously sometimes, so its good to let loose and see others doing the same! I strongly encourage you to go check out the hashtag #rebelliousselflove on instagram to watch them all and see what everyone has been up to!

I am leaving you with a gif version of my video, but it’s not near as awesome without the high pitched chipmunk voice!

If you would like to join in on the fun, it’s not too late! You can start from the beginning or jump right in where everyone else is at! It’s a no pressure challenge, just something to bring some self love into your life and be cheeky while you’re at it!

margot meanie's rebellious self love instagram challenge

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