About Me

// margot meanie //

Hi, I’m Margot Meanie!

I am a plus size fashion blogger, welcome to my mental projection of my digital self!

Here you will find rebellious style & alternative curves, pushing the boundaries and having a bit of fun while doing it.

I am a bit of a raging nerd { notice the matrix joke ^^^ ?!! haha, at least I crack myself up! }

I am 33 and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am absolutely passionate about clothing, style and fashion and how it relates to plus size bodies.  I desperately want to help ladies find the clothing and shopping options they are looking for.

I have often been described as a style chameleon, and I would tend to agree.  I definitely lean towards, a grown up version of goth & alternative, but I am heavily influenced by classic vintage style, 90’s riot grrrl and everything worn in Pretty in Pink { espescially by Duckie!! }

As a somewhat alternative plus size style blogger, I was feeling there was not a lot of visibility for non mainstream fashion, especially being represented in plus size and “inbetweenie” circles, which lead me to start the #alternativecurves hashtag & community on instagram.  Additionally, I have worked with Kobi Jae from the Horror Kitsch Bitch to bring about an #altrnativecurves blog hop! If you are interested, feel free to join us on our facebook group or follow the instagram account @alternativecurves and use the hashtag to share your fierce fashion and selfies!

My little family, which consists of my husband and my two kitty kids, happily living on the West Coast of Canada. Our cozy little home { which I lovingly refer to as our “hobbit hole” } is nestled in East Vancouver, where we collect teacups, hang out with friends, plan parties and upcoming adventures, play boardgames and obsess over general nerdery.

We may partake in a little craft beer & bubbly from time to time. 😉

If you ever want to contact me or ask a question please feel free: missmeanie {at} gmail {dot} com

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