july wishlist // forever21+

forever 21+ wishlist // margot meanie

This wishlist is a BIG one!!  Since I’m not currently working, my spending budget has been nil and it’s kind of been killing me a little bit.   This is generally a time of year that I’m refreshing my summer wardrobe and bringing in some sorely needed new pieces {like swimsuits!!} but alas, I am stuck drooling at the {online} window.

If I had money right now, these would all be one their way to me already!

top row left to right

// Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

// Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

// F2009 Half-Frame Sunglasses

I have a thing for sunnies and I especially have a thing for cat eye & heart shaped sunnies!  I like to keep a collection as they all work so wonderfully with different outfits and I find they can really change the tone of a look.

2nd row left to right

// Poetic Dream Crochet Blouse

// Dynamite Sheer Gathered Top

// Raglan Crop Top

I kinda really need some new tops, some of mine are beginning to look a bit shabby.  The navy blouse is super cute, especially with it’s crocheted yolk.  The breezy, sheer, gathered top would work well with tonnes of items I have, not to mention as a great cover up for the swim suits and I’d love to get a nice basic black crop for a lot of everyday looks.

3rd row left to right

// Classic Straw Boater

// Chic Open-Knit Bowler Hat

I’ve been craving a natural straw boater hat for a few months now, this one is perfect and cheap!  I’m always on the look out for cute bowlers as well, I like this one in straw, so it’s not too hot to wear in the summer heat.

4th row left to right

// Nouveau Deco Bodycon Dress

// Retro Dot Surplice Romper

//Mesh-Trimmed Bodycon Dress

I’ve been aching for the deco & mesh trimmed bodycon dresses for a while now, especially after seeing them both on fellow bloggers.  They’re fabulous for evening occasions & the playsuit is perfect for day!

5th row left to right

// Geo Faux Leather Cuff

// Subtle Geo Midi Rings

// Cutout Crescent Necklace

I love the gold & faux leather cuff, as I generally love geometric patterns, especially in jewelry, but I also already have the matching earrings! I really like the simple shapes on this set of midi rings and that bib necklace is AWESOME!

6th row left to right

// Goddess Cutout Swimsuit

// Polka Dot Bow Shorts

// Midnight Mesh Swimsuit

Last but not least for summer, swimsuits and shorts!!  I am severely lacking in both as of right meow.  I really love all the fatkini’s going around, but for myself, personally, I still like a one piece and these two black numbers are right up my alley!!  They’re both classy, but each have a special feature on each one.  I also like black swimsuits {or darker, solid colours} as they’re a bit mysterious and sexy as well!  And, how CUTE are these shorts?!!  Polka dots…bows…high waisted…I want them so BAD!!!

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// tea & Coco //

do as Coco says // margot meaniedo as Coco says // margot meaniedo as Coco says // margot meanie

do as Coco says // margot meanie

do as Coco says // margot meanie

do as Coco says // margot meaniedo as Coco says // margot meanie

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  -Coco Chanel

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute.  It is the perfect harmony.”  -Coco Chanel

Today’s outfit is 100% inspired by the first lady of style, Coco Chanel.  Though I sadly, do not own a single Chanel piece I have often taken my cues from Chanel.

I grew up watching Fashion Television, which had a huge impact on me.  I love the art that comes with design and styling.  I think growing up and constantly looking at high fashion has trickled down into how I now dress, even on my low budget fashion level.

This look is simple, but I adhered to Coco’s famous advice and took off an item before shooting  today’s look.   I also find much comfort in black & white outfits.  I think they can speak so loudly, even with the absence of a bright colour.

//blouse & pencil skirt – forever 21+

//suspenders, shoes, hair clip – thrifted

//Bathing Girls Tea Set by Designer Esther Horchner {a wonderful gift from my older sister}

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// hard pastel //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //


// hard pastel // margot meanie //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //

I don’t seem to have a lot of prints in my wardrobe, but something about this clean lined, chic little number appealed to me.

Since it’s colouring is so soft and girly, I like accessorizing it with harder items, like a black vinyl purse & studded, strappy sandals.

The headband compliments my hair colour so well, I’m super stoked on it! It was a necklace my Mom gave me a few years ago, and as pretty as it was, I found I just wasn’t wearing it, so I turned it into something I will wear on a much more regular basis!

What I wore:

//geometric sakura print dress – dress911

// deco print vinyl purse – torrid (many years old)

// studded sandals – Ardene

// headband – redesigned & crafted by me!

I’m actually thinking of creating & selling more unique/refurbished headbands. What do you think! Any interest?!

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//windy city – styled two ways //

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress// styled two ways // margot meanie

I’m planning on heading back to Hastings racetrack this Saturday for the second event of the Triple Crown, The Preakness, which I think is my favourite name of all the horse races.

I’m not a gambler in anyway, I get far too stressed out!  Even if someone bets on a horse that I said I thought looked pretty or has a cool name (seriously, who ever started naming horses crazy things is a genius!). I just generally just enjoy the day out and excuse to dress up.

What I wore:

I really love this Windy City dress from Modcloth.  My only bummer is, even though I measured everything multiple times before ordering, the bust was still waaaay too small for me.  I was really disappointed (as you can tell, I am super busty!), until I realised I am one crafty bugger, so I cut the lining out of the front bodice panel.  Since it is all gathered on the front, there was plenty of room after I removed it!

It’s sheer now, but a with a black bra, I think it still looks wicked!

v 1.0

//Windy City dress – Modcloth

//gold glitter platform heels – Payless Shoesource

//gold head chain – forever21

//multi strand gold plated necklace – thrifted


v 2.0

//gold and enamel brooch – thrifted

//Liza suede and leather boots – DUO boots (they specialize in all size of foot and calf widths)

//black cap gloves – vintage (awesome x-mas gift from my Mom, a box FULL of vintage gloves!)

//wide brim hat – Forever 21 (the band had pyramid studs)


My body mod jewelry & makeup

//opal flat disc medusa labret – Industrial Strength

//00g gold tunnels with green encased rhinestones – Wild Cat (seriously, having them incased is the best, no loose or lost stones anymore!)

//lipstick – Lime Crime Red Velvet


So, which look should I go for? V 1.0 or V 2.0??

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// rebel girl //



The sun is out and the bikini kill is cranked!! also on a side note… I’m not wearing any black today *gasp*

Today is all about the nineties; grunge, riotgrrrl, reality bites and singles!!
I was a teen through the nineties and I was always envious of all the shows people got to go to. I loved the fashion and none of it has left my mind, whether it be riotgrrrl baby doll dresses with boots or mall witch, I am down!!

What I wore:

The dress actually has a really pretty white lace panel in the back AND it has pockets (you know how I feel about those!), I DIY’ed the vest and instead of putting a back patch on it, I actually cut out the back panel and replaced it with black lace. I stole the hat from the mister and my boots are looking rather trashed, but they’ve been around Europe and back, so they’ve earned it!

//dress – Dress911 ($5 shipping in Canada!!)

//vest – Old Navy

//hat – Bailey of Hollywood

//boots – Steve Madden

//lipstick – Lime Crime Red Velvet

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Thank you // 10 Alternative Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following




I just want to give a HUGE Thank You to Michelle over at Zaftig Times, she shared a post titled “10 Alternative Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following” and kindly included me in the list!  She featured some amazingly fierce ladies,  I recommend you go and check out the list and see if there is anyone you haven’t been following yet!

It’s really an honour being mentioned amongst these names, as I’m relatively new to blogging but falling deeper in love with it everyday!

I also want to thank all of the wonderful new followers that have sought me out!  I really am overwhelmed by the love this community gives!

You all inspire me so much.  I’m feeling a lot of gratitude right meow.

Much love!

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