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I was originally going to title this post “and the sky was made of amethyst” or “bricks are heavy” as I usually title my posts after lyrics or song titles. But that’s not the only reason why, it’s also because I am featuring this killer pretend that we’re dead grid print vest from indie plus retailer, Domino Dollhouse.

The entire line is inspired by grunge goddesses like Hole, Garbage, L7

It was kind of a match made in heaven.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino Dollhouse

vest – “pretend that we’re dead” grid vest, Domino Dollhouse | dress -part of my Cool Gal Blue collection {sold out, similar} | Breckelle Pointy Toe Lace Up Booties – urbanog

But  I changed the title last minute as sad news hit late last week, Tracy, owner and designer of Domino Dollhouse let the cat out the bag, Domino Dollhouse will be closing.

I know, you’re heart is probably crumbling right now. In just a short two week span, we have lost two pillars of the alt indie plus community. { CandyStrike has also closed it’s doors, Elizabeth has started school again and the load was too much to carry both her indie brand and a full school course. }

Though Candy Strikes closure was much more swift, Domino Dollhouse will be around until November. So you still have a chance to snag a few pieces from her latest line, Doll Parts.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino Dollhouse

I am so happy to finally have a piece of Domino Dollhouse in my wardrobe.

I remember about 3 or 4 years ago when I finally became aware of her shop. I was in a rut and desperately searching for awesome alternative clothing choices and not just making due with what I could get elsewhere. The very first item I coveted was a bright pink floral moto vest, much like this one I have here.

It was a bold, feminine, in your face, holy-shit-I’ve-never-seen-anything-like-this-in-plus-size-before kind of revelation. The vest was sold out of my size, but my eyes were watching what was going on.

Through DD I was introduced to Tess Holiday { then she was known as Tess Munster } who I started following on instagram, way back when my feed was nothing more than drag queens, make up artists and tattooers. I look at my feed now and it’s a fatshion, body positive, weirdo arty collective of awesome that I can’t imagine my day’s without! { the drag queens are still there too! }

So I have to thank Domino Dollhouse, even though it took me so long to finally own a piece, and I regret I don’t own more, they kind of sent me on course to realise a truth of mine, that plus size fashion is my absolute passion in life and there are other ways to get involved that I had never conceived before.

Thank you, for serving our community so well for so many years! Good luck with your growing family! I will await and hopefully be part of the next new thing to spring up for us alt plus gals.

So here we find ourselves down two alternative plus resources. Where are we to turn next? Who will rise to occasion and fill the gap? It’s clear there are plenty of alternative plus gals around, but where shall we shop, who will design for us?

photos by Jesse Smith

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Wishing for boots


With it getting colder out I’ve been on the hunt for boots.  I have wide calves, so that can make things difficult.  I  usually opt for lace up boots, but I’ve been rocking those for so long now, I really want to try all the other great styles that are available out there.  I’ve purchased over the knee boots through Torrid once and they were still too tight, I ended up letting the top of the seam out on the back, meaning to patch it up somehow for months, but never got around to it and they smelled AWFUL, the worst chemically stench ever!!  So I never really wore them.  The other pair I ordered from them had plastic heels, holy fuck, were they slippery.  Boots are normally worn in colder weather and they were slippery before it got icy, I gave up on them too.  (actually, my shoe shopping record with Torrid is pretty bad)

Living in Canada can be tough for any specialty shopping as even in large cities like Vancouver, the options for plus size or wide calf seem to be null.  Every time you shop online, its a bit of a gamble.  You get excited about something fitting you and sometimes even free shipping, but boy does it suck when the item comes in and it doesn’t fit.  Those Torrid boots?  I didn’t return them, why, because Torrid  is notorious for over priced shipping to Canada (then you get dinged with customs too, which is a totally piss off) and then you have to pay to ship them back.  In the end, you end up paying almost the same (or even worse, more) than the actual cost of the boots.  It sucks!

What I really want is some good quality boots, made out of real leather (no more stenchy plastic from China) and no more plastic heels!!

In comes Duo boots from the UK.  I’ve had my eye on Duo boots for a while now.  I love that they cater to calves of all sizes and I think the videos are great so you can see the fit and movement in the boot.  But I’m still scared, I’ve been burned so many times.  It’s nerve racking to invest in boots that you don’t get to try on and pretty much guaranteed to have to pay $80+ in customs/duty.  Yes, they have the videos, but it’s usually of an average calf sized lady modelling them.  I’d love to know how they’ll fit ME!

My heart is dead set on two pairs, but getting up the gumption (and saving up) to drop $300+ per pair is a tough one to swallow.

Flore - Duo Boots Liza - Duo Boots

Aren’t they the prettiest?!  sigh.  I think the Flore pair are just so perfect for everyday wear, solid and sturdy, but still rock n’ roll with the hardware.  The Liza pair are just out of my Victorian era lovin’ heart!  I LOVE all the button details and that heel looks so cute, but still so functional, that they would be completely wearable for an entire day.  The mixed finish is really great too!

I’ve also been on the lookout for some ankle booties as well.  I’m not adverse to a small heel on them and I’ve seen some great styles out there!  (I spy them mostly while I’m riding transit).  Luckily with booties, you don’t run into the terrible calf problem.

I’m usually a black leather type of girl and if I were to invest in either of the two tall pairs of boots, I would totally stick to black, as it’s my comfort colour.  But I think for some ankle booties, I might be able to try and expand into the dark brown zone.  My gothy/riot grrl background has always made me leery of brown.  Even the word sounds dull.  But as I’ve gotten older, I see the beauty in a dark brown leather and how well and upscale it looks as an accent with many outfits.

These ankle booties from Aldo are soooo cute!  I totally dig the little “collar” on these cuties & the cognac colour is great.  Perfect boots for dresses and skirts as well and rolled up pants.  They’re currently on sale in the US and still full price in Canada (whaaawhaaaa) BUT, I’m going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks, so I’ll be checking out the Aldo store in the Miracle Mile Mall!

JONS - Aldo

I’d also really love a more rock in roll pair, black, over course and maybe with some buckles or studs.  These are also from Aldo, they’re not made of leather, but they’re also on sale in the states, so I’ll keep my eyes open and give them a try if they’re there! Though I do think I’d prefer something with a pointier toe.


Also, how cute are these ankle boots by Olive Thomas?!! UGH! Love them!

OliveThomasShoes - Mid Heel

I’m going to keep my eyes open for some deals to get me through the season though.  I doubt I’ll be able to afford the Duo boots until the spring (I’m just gonna go cry in a corner, because it looks like the Liza’s are set to be sold out and not restocked)  I’ll post photos of my clothing conquests in Vegas.  I always have the best luck at the Ross on the strip and a lot of fun shopping at the Forever21 that carries the plus line in store!

(it’s funny, most of my clothes are probably from Forever21, but none of the stores near me carry the plus line, frustrating beyond belief, but also interesting that the only time I’ve been able to shop in Forever21 retail store and handle try on the clothes has been travelling pretty far from home, either Dublin, Ireland or Las Vegas.  It’s would be RAD if they brought the line into one of the 3 stores in and around Vancouver!)

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