outfit | black magic woman

Today I bring you the last of three looks from SWAK designs.

They kindly gifted me three amazing pieces, all of which I’m pretty in love with, but I think the top from today’s post is my favourite, since I’ve definitely worn it the most already!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curve Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curveMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curve

nikki chiffon blouse – c/o SWAK | mineral wash skinny jeans – forever 21+ | moon & stars arm cuff – ASOS curve

So, I’ve pretty much been wearing this blouse non stop since it arrived. It’s just so …ME!

black? check!

sheer? check!

bit o lace? CHECK!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curveMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curve

It fits really nicely as well. I’m kicking myself as I snipped the tag off so it didn’t show through the lace, so now I’m not 100%, but I think it’s a 2x, but it could be a 3x, but I’m pretty sure its a 2x.

I’ve been mostly wearing this top with either skinny jeans or my disco pants from ASOS, but I think you could add a tube or pencil skirt if you’re going somewhere nice, or throw a blazer over it if you’re looking for edgy yet slightly sexy office attire.

And while I’m gushing…

…then there are these jeans. These mineral wash skinnies are made of dreams and comfiness! I ordered these in a 20, and they are the BEST jeans I think I have ever owned! I’m quite impressed as usually f21 jeans are just kind of the type that you make do, because they’re cheap and you just really need some new jeans since the crotch blew out on your old pair and you can’t possibly repair them anymore without it being noticeable!

So these jeans are almost more jeggings than jean as they have an amazing stretch factor, they’re soft as kittens and they have real pockets. On top of it, I really am digging on the mineral wash.

So if you ever see me around town, it could be very likely this is what I’ll be wearing on dates, grocery shopping heading to a pals, because it has basically been a uniform since the pieces arrived on my door step!

Have you shopped SWAK before? This top, the Bianca duster and terri chiffon duster  { click links to see my posts on each item } were my first items from them and I have to admit to being completely won over by the brand!

AND they currently have a sale sitewide which ends Sunday, so it’s a perfect time to check them out!

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outfit | black magic woman // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


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outfit | goodbye, farewell Domino Dollhouse

I was originally going to title this post “and the sky was made of amethyst” or “bricks are heavy” as I usually title my posts after lyrics or song titles. But that’s not the only reason why, it’s also because I am featuring this killer pretend that we’re dead grid print vest from indie plus retailer, Domino Dollhouse.

The entire line is inspired by grunge goddesses like Hole, Garbage, L7

It was kind of a match made in heaven.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino Dollhouse

vest – “pretend that we’re dead” grid vest, Domino Dollhouse | dress -part of my Cool Gal Blue collection {sold out, similar} | Breckelle Pointy Toe Lace Up Booties – urbanog

But  I changed the title last minute as sad news hit late last week, Tracy, owner and designer of Domino Dollhouse let the cat out the bag, Domino Dollhouse will be closing.

I know, you’re heart is probably crumbling right now. In just a short two week span, we have lost two pillars of the alt indie plus community. { CandyStrike has also closed it’s doors, Elizabeth has started school again and the load was too much to carry both her indie brand and a full school course. }

Though Candy Strikes closure was much more swift, Domino Dollhouse will be around until November. So you still have a chance to snag a few pieces from her latest line, Doll Parts.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino Dollhouse

I am so happy to finally have a piece of Domino Dollhouse in my wardrobe.

I remember about 3 or 4 years ago when I finally became aware of her shop. I was in a rut and desperately searching for awesome alternative clothing choices and not just making due with what I could get elsewhere. The very first item I coveted was a bright pink floral moto vest, much like this one I have here.

It was a bold, feminine, in your face, holy-shit-I’ve-never-seen-anything-like-this-in-plus-size-before kind of revelation. The vest was sold out of my size, but my eyes were watching what was going on.

Through DD I was introduced to Tess Holiday { then she was known as Tess Munster } who I started following on instagram, way back when my feed was nothing more than drag queens, make up artists and tattooers. I look at my feed now and it’s a fatshion, body positive, weirdo arty collective of awesome that I can’t imagine my day’s without! { the drag queens are still there too! }

So I have to thank Domino Dollhouse, even though it took me so long to finally own a piece, and I regret I don’t own more, they kind of sent me on course to realise a truth of mine, that plus size fashion is my absolute passion in life and there are other ways to get involved that I had never conceived before.

Thank you, for serving our community so well for so many years! Good luck with your growing family! I will await and hopefully be part of the next new thing to spring up for us alt plus gals.

So here we find ourselves down two alternative plus resources. Where are we to turn next? Who will rise to occasion and fill the gap? It’s clear there are plenty of alternative plus gals around, but where shall we shop, who will design for us?

photos by Jesse Smith

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outfit | killing me softly // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


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outfit | oh my stars

You guys!!!!

I had the MOST fun last week on my first official photo shoot with someone other than my husband. Someone with a real camera and not just an ipad! She has official photosoot stuff with her, like a grey board and shade screens! K, I don’t know the official names of those instruments, but she had them!

So here is the first outfit out of four we shot that night. Sadly this swing dress in star  print from ASOS  sold out so flippin fast { scratch that, they have a couple in UK 26 left!!}! But they have some other cute stars prints in right now, like this pencil skirt, which I would love to own!

Margot Meanie | Canadian plus size blogger Margot Meanie | Canadian plus size bloggerMargot Meanie | Canadian plus size blogger

star print swing dress – ASOS curve | moon and star arm cuff – ASOS curve | Breckelle Pointy Toe Lace Up Booties – urbanog | wide brim fedora – Forever21

I am all shades of smitten with every aspect of this outfit!

Soon as I saw this dress, I knew it had to be mine. But since it was selling so fast, I settled for a size smaller than I had wanted. It still fits, but it pulls a bit over the bust. I had wanted a UK 24 but got the 22 instead.

I absolutely HAD to have the moon and star arm cuff to go with! This cuff is meant for your upper arm, but I elected to give it a twist so I could wear it on my forearm so its visible with this dress.

The booties are part of a bit of a binge I had on urbanog, I bought myself 4 pairs of booties, but I remember last Autumn, I was so bummed that I had missed out on three pairs I liked but had sold out before I had the dough to buy them. Well, I am set for boot this year, I tells ya!!

And lastly….this hat! This. Hat!!! I have swooned over the wide brimmed Yves St Laurent hats for a few years now, knowing they would never enter my life. I had found a few that had smaller brims, but just hadn’t bitten the bullet and treated myself. Now I am happy I waited!! This hat is EVERYTHING! You think you’ve seen my wide brimmed pork pie hat a lot, well buckle your belts, it’s ON with this hat!!! Margot Meanie | Canadian plus size bloggerMargot Meanie | Canadian plus size bloggerMargot Meanie | Canadian plus size blogger

photos by Jesse Smith

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outfit | oh my stars // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


***affiliate links are utilized in this post. I receive a tiny commission per click which makes it possible for me to make this site better.

outfit | Ravens for Babens

ok, that title was a streeeeetch!! haha…but it goes well with Wednesdays post “crows before bros” where I featured one of my pieces from indie designer, Candy Strike. 

Today I bring you some boho, gothy, monochrome chicness.

margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strike  margot meanie | wearing candy strikemargot meanie | wearing candy strikemargot meanie | wearing candy strike

blazer – c/o Cool Gal Blue | crop – c/o Candy Stike  | bag – c/o Avenue { sold out }

I styled this look two ways. The first with a blazer to show how I would wear this three quarters of the year { Fall, Winter, Spring }. The Second with a vest, which I could wear another three quarters of the year, { Spring, Summer Fall…Hooray for moderate, pacific north west weather! } The vest is also an old staple piece bought long long ago from f21+.

The blazer is from Cool Gal Blue, you can get it in black from my collection or you can get it in White or Coral from Jessica Kane’s collection { I guess I hit the nail on the head with finding that gem, so much so Jessica loved it enough to include it in her collection as well! }

The crop is my second piece gifted from Candy Strike.  I have to say, I was surprised when I opened my package to see and feel the fabric. I had originally thought when we ran the contest on alternativecurves that the fabric would be a cotton blend/jersey type of fabric, but in actuality, it’s spandex! I really like how the fabric sits and the added weight really makes the skater skirt sit well and the top drapes across the bust in a really pleasing way! I do admit, when I saw Elizabeth sent me 2X’s, I was nervous. My chest always bumps me up to 3X’s, but in this case, it fit really well.

The skirt is an older maxi dress I got from forever 21 + well over a year ago. I really like that I can convert it to a skirt by folding the jersey fabric tank top underneath. Though a funny thing is, the more I wear sheer clothing and crop tops and the more comfortable in my body I am, the more I think, hmm, “that inside hemline need to come up a bit to show off more leg“, or “maybe I don’t need to wear an undershirt under this sheer blouse, I can just rock a bra or bandeau“, it’s liberating and refreshing and shows the power of dressing for yourself.

You’ve all seen this hat, as it’s a tried and true staple, also from f21 { seriously, I do get a lot of cheap staples/scores from f21, don’t I?! }. The sunnies are from my Cool Gal collection as well, but they are all sold out.

I also accessorized with my avenue bag, thrifted sandals, some vintage necklaces, metallic tattoo accents under my eyes, a moody lippy blend and earrings by etsy seller peachtreats.

I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans ahead! My Father in Law is headed out for a fun weekend, including a massive streetfest on Sunday. I’ll make sure to snap and instagram my day on “The Drive” { it’s the popular nickname for my neighbourhood } But before all that, we have a big backyard BBQ planned for this evening that I am about to run off and start prep and set up for!

feel free to add me on snapchat under “margotmeanie

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outfit | ravens for babens // appeared first on margotmeanie.com

outfit | a storm brewing

My lovely friend gifted me this fabulous hi lo skirt she picked up from h&m last summer. And though I’m bummed it didn’t work out for her, am I ever glad she gave it to me!! I received so many compliments and I felt both ethereal and powerful with the way it caught the wind.

margot meanie | rebellious plus size style margot meanie | rebellious plus size style margot meanie | rebellious plus size style margot meanie | rebellious plus size style margot meanie | rebellious plus size style

skirt – h&m | crop – f21+ | sandals & bag – thrifted | earrings – peachtreats

I totally heard the Imperial march from Star Wars in my head as walked about thrift shopping and then eventually down to Storm Brewing where we took these photos.

Let me just tell you real quick about Storm Brewing, they are Vancouver longest running craft brewery, they started waaaay way way before the craft brew boom hit Vancouver.  But not only are they fantastic and grungy and they stick rats on things { I’m standing in from of the rat mural that was a recent edition on the outside of the brewery } but the brew master is a little something of a mad scientist! If you get the chance, check out their facebook page to get a gander of some of the “brain storms” they create. We were headed down for the pineapple paradise pilsner, which is easily the tastiest beer I have ever tasted, but they also rock flavours like whiskey vanilla stout, mojito pils, and cinnamon bun ale. They sometimes have misses, but its worth it for the wins.

ok, enough about beer!!  Here are some of my scores from thrifting on Saturday! I couldn’t get them all, sadly the booties and kitties didn’t come home { the kitties broke my heart, as I’ve mentioned them on the blog before, but they were just a smidge too tight and life is too short for wearing shoes that will make your life hell } but I’m super happy with the three that did come home!

thrifted shoes

In other news, my Cool Gal Blue collection launches THIS FRIDAY!!! So be ready with your wallets come 5pm Eastern time! I am so very excited, the pieces are all so lovely!

Now, if you had signed up for my newsletter, { hint hint, wink wink } you would have been in the know already, but I forgive you! There is always the chance to sign up right meow! I promise not to litter your inbox, there will only be a few mailouts per month, but they will include some exclusive content or will be the first place I announce any big news! 😉


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outfit | a storm brewing  // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


outfit | thick thighs, no lies

My, oh my, where has the time gone??

As I made it abundantly known, it was my birthday on the 16th { I can’t help it, i love celebrating my birthday!! }.  My husbands birthday happens to follow just 8 days later on the 24th so we decided to have a Meanie staycation. We both meant for it to be a relaxing stretch of sleeping in, getting some Spring cleaning done, enjoying each others company, day time adventures and getting work done.

Welp!  We ended up being reeeally successful at the sleeping in, relaxing and enjoying each others company part, moderately successful at the Spring cleaning & day time adventures and a complete flop on getting work done.

He had hoped to get some writing in, meanwhile I had plans for him to take spades of outfit photos so I would be stocked up with lots of content.

In the end, we stayed in our pj’s about 99% of the time binge watching Gilmore Girls, Daredevil, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Star Wars: Clone Wars & Star Trek { as well as watching the new Star Wars trailer more than I care to admit } We sound like TV junkies and I guess for last week, we really were!!

margot meanie | rebellious plus size fashion margot meanie | rebellious plus size fashionmargot meanie | rebellious plus size fashion

 tartan jacket & shoes  – missguided | bandage mini skirt – torrid { old, but similar here & here } | blouse – f21+ { old but similar here & here } | tights – penningtons

Anyhoo, we really had a great time and regret nothing.  But today I was bummed I didn’t have anything to post on the blog so I went through my ipad and realised I had this outfit shoot from a couple weeks back just sitting there.  You may recognize the images as my new profile photos were taken from this set, but I still wanted to share the outfit with you. as soon it will be too warm for anyone to want to wear opaque tights.

Now I don’t know about you, but I looooooooove over the knee socks, BUT they never fit my thighs without pinching & rolling down.  I ended up cheating a bit and took an old pair of lacy knit stocking and cut them off, with their texture and pairing them with an opaque tight the fibers of both kind of work together like a kind of velcro and kept these in place almost all day with only have to readjust a couple times.

I think they look super cute, kinda sexy and totally badass on thick thighs with a mini skirt  { short shorts would be really cute too, I’ve been hunting for a couple pairs for the summer so far I like these & these }.

How do you feel about knee socks or over the knee socks? Have you had luck with any brands that work well on plus size thighs??

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outfit | thick thighs, no lies // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


outfit | afternoon tea

monochrome | plus size blogger margot meanie

This weekend I finally took advantage of a gift certificate given to me by my sister for x-mas to go for afternoon tea.

Mister Meanie and I thoroughly enjoyed all the tasty decedent nibbles, he sipped on black tea, while I opted to upgrade to some matcha, as I really love it and I don’t get to indulge in it often enough.  { photos of our afternoon tea are below }

It was also the perfect outing to rock my brand new shawl { cape, wrap? } which I had just scored at the thrift shop the day before.

Though I don’t always find clothing while I thrift, I always have luck with accessories and shoes.  I whole heartrendingly recommend giving thrifting a try, especially for trendy pieces you don’t want to break the bank over.  I’ve found clutches, platform shoes, metallic belts and an array of vintage hats in my journeys.  My next item I’m on the hunt for is a fringed leather { or leather look }  bag, I’m really feeling fringe and I predict it is going to explode before the summer.

monochrome | plus size blogger margot meaniemonochrome | plus size blogger margot meanie

wrap – thrifted | crop – f21+ | skirt – the curvy elle | shoes – similar modcloth & urbanog

I also decided to rock a monochrome oxblood combo, with my f21+ cutout crop top & my velvet midi which I got from online plus size thrifting guru The Curvy Elle.

Online is another really great way to thrift while being plus size.  There are oodles of shops online through etsy or their own independent websites, where they curate excellent thrifted and vintage plus pieces. { the curvy elle & ursa major plus are two of my favourites!}

It’s a great way to save a buck, support a small business and be environmental all at the same time!

Do you ever thrift or do you have tips or favourite online thrift shops you’d like to recommend?? please let me know in the comments!

For now, I will leave you will some photos of our afternoon tea, make sure you’ve eaten first, or else you’ll be hungry!

afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue  afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue afternoon tea at Capstone Tea & Fondue


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{ outfit } afternoon tea // appeared first on margotmeanie.com