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I was originally going to title this post “and the sky was made of amethyst” or “bricks are heavy” as I usually title my posts after lyrics or song titles. But that’s not the only reason why, it’s also because I am featuring this killer pretend that we’re dead grid print vest from indie plus retailer, Domino Dollhouse.

The entire line is inspired by grunge goddesses like Hole, Garbage, L7

It was kind of a match made in heaven.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino Dollhouse

vest – “pretend that we’re dead” grid vest, Domino Dollhouse | dress -part of my Cool Gal Blue collection {sold out, similar} | Breckelle Pointy Toe Lace Up Booties – urbanog

But  I changed the title last minute as sad news hit late last week, Tracy, owner and designer of Domino Dollhouse let the cat out the bag, Domino Dollhouse will be closing.

I know, you’re heart is probably crumbling right now. In just a short two week span, we have lost two pillars of the alt indie plus community. { CandyStrike has also closed it’s doors, Elizabeth has started school again and the load was too much to carry both her indie brand and a full school course. }

Though Candy Strikes closure was much more swift, Domino Dollhouse will be around until November. So you still have a chance to snag a few pieces from her latest line, Doll Parts.

Margot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino DollhouseMargot Meanie | alternative plus blogger in Domino Dollhouse

I am so happy to finally have a piece of Domino Dollhouse in my wardrobe.

I remember about 3 or 4 years ago when I finally became aware of her shop. I was in a rut and desperately searching for awesome alternative clothing choices and not just making due with what I could get elsewhere. The very first item I coveted was a bright pink floral moto vest, much like this one I have here.

It was a bold, feminine, in your face, holy-shit-I’ve-never-seen-anything-like-this-in-plus-size-before kind of revelation. The vest was sold out of my size, but my eyes were watching what was going on.

Through DD I was introduced to Tess Holiday { then she was known as Tess Munster } who I started following on instagram, way back when my feed was nothing more than drag queens, make up artists and tattooers. I look at my feed now and it’s a fatshion, body positive, weirdo arty collective of awesome that I can’t imagine my day’s without! { the drag queens are still there too! }

So I have to thank Domino Dollhouse, even though it took me so long to finally own a piece, and I regret I don’t own more, they kind of sent me on course to realise a truth of mine, that plus size fashion is my absolute passion in life and there are other ways to get involved that I had never conceived before.

Thank you, for serving our community so well for so many years! Good luck with your growing family! I will await and hopefully be part of the next new thing to spring up for us alt plus gals.

So here we find ourselves down two alternative plus resources. Where are we to turn next? Who will rise to occasion and fill the gap? It’s clear there are plenty of alternative plus gals around, but where shall we shop, who will design for us?

photos by Jesse Smith

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