outfit | killing me softly

I swoon!

Over these photos taken by Jesse Smith and particularly over this Bianca chiffon duster from SWAK.

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs

bianca chiffon duster – c/o SWAK | lace short – my collection from c/o Cool Gal Blue {sold out, similar in cream} | crop top – forever 21 + {sold out} | wide brim fedora – forever 21 | pointy toe flat lace up booties – urbanog

I told you you’d get sick of this hat!!! But it’s in one more outfit from this shoot day, so bare with me.

I have to say, I felt pretty powerful in this outfit. The duster would catch the breeze and I felt like a frickin model! This is going to be very popular over a simple outfit of black leggings with a tank and it will notch the fashion level up on such a comfy and simple outfit.

It comes in two prints, but my heart belongs to black lace, so it was the obvious pick for me!

It’s just so pretty!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designsMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs

Something else about these photos, I am wearing ankle booties, with bare legs. This is something young me would have never done. I used to HATE my stems with a fiery passion. If I wore anything that cut me off above the ankle I thought I looked atrocious. But now, my legs may just be my favourite body part! I love showing them off and I get compliments all the time!

Just goes to show, that tailoring your media can open your eyes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And it allows you the chance to see it in yourself and in others.

photos by Jesse Smith

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+ shopping guide | trenched

I know its hard for some of you to give up on Summer already, but Fall is peeping around the corner and it’s time to prepare for brisk days and chilly nights.

I can’t help myself but to get a little excited, Autumn is my favourite time of year, not just for the pumpkin everything and “spoopy” stuff, but also for the layering we get to do with fashion.

Fall is hands down my favourite time to dress. We really get to flex our styling muscles to look stylish and keep comfortable depending on if the weather is unseasonably warm or if it has a bite in the air.

One thing I have ALWAYS wanted to integrate into my wardrobe was a trench and holy crap, there are so many awesome options for a plus size gal right now to add one into your life, so here’ a quick run down of my favourites that are shoppable now!

I have them listed in order of most of affordable to investment pieces for your shopping pleasure.

plus size shopping guide | trench coats


  1. I actually treated myself to this sheer trench from Forever 21.  I can’t wait to pair this with a crop top set for a day out or over a cute dress and killer pumps for evenings out sipping cocktails.
  2. Cool Gal Blue has this trench in 3 shades, but I can’t decide if I want the mocha or blush more.
  3. This is actually a sleeveless cardigan by Boohoo, but it has trench vibes, it also comes in three colours, black, khaki and camel. {  yes, I have this one too, I’ll be showing you how it looks next week! }
  4. Boohoo also offers a wrap trench if you’re looking for an actual jacket, the other colours have sold out, but this camel colour is really pretty and totally classic!
  5. ASOS offers the most traditional trench { or mac as the Brits call them } but I dig it’s structure.
  6. Missguided has to lovely crepe mac’s in a subdued camel and a light blue that almost veers towards soft grey
  7. This ASOS duster is so pretty in such a perfect powdery blue colour. It is definitely the highest in cost, but it looks completely luxe.

I know some of these are more”waterfall” jackets and dusters than technically 100% trench coats, but I feel they are all a modern take on the classic trench. Instead of a stiff look they are breezy, casual and chic instead.

Which one is your favourite?

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+ shopping guide | trenched // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


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outfit | makes me wanna cry

Oh, that title is misleading.

But maybe this dress makes me want to cry tears of joy.  But even more accurately, it’s my first purchase from UK brand Boohoo, and I am SMITTEN!

Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plusCanadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

Boohoo “Robyn Double Layer” dress | bag – Avenue {sold out similar here } 

This dress is breezy, flirty and comfortable!

I ordered it in a Canadian 20 {UK 24} and it is generous in size, I think I could have sized down one size. But It flows nicely, I love it anyway.

The fabric is polyester, but because of the cut and fit, it’s still really cool. And it unwrinkled like a dream if you pop it in the dryer for 5 minutes!

This dress is almost sold out, so get on it quick!!

IMG_5715Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

I also ordered a long line sleeveless cardi which will be featured soon! I can’t wait to rock it for Autumn. It’s a gorgeous knit, with a waterfall lapel and it belts. Totally dreamy!

In addition to these two total scores, there was one flop. I ordered the Leila mesh crop bikini. I didn’t even bother tryng on the bottoms once I tried on the top and saw what a disaster it was. There was zero support, my boobs literally fall out the bottom of the top. Then there were other disappointing features, like the “cup” molding pieces {which were tiny} weren’t sewn in place, so they float around, spin around, move around, I don’t know if mine was faulty, or that’s how they make them all. But that was a MAJOR let down.

But let’s not end this post on a downer…

Are you going to participate in my #rebelliousselflove challenge in September? I would love to see you bright shining faces flipping the bird! Feel free to share this image and you can start using the hashtag now if you feel it!

margot meanie's rebellious self love instagram challenge

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outfit | makes me wanna cry // appeared first on margotmeanie.com



outfit | crows before bros

I was gifted two amazing pieces from Candy Strike after the launch of her most recent collection. I’ve being wearing them since they arrived, but I had yet to figure how I wanted to present each piece here on the blog.

I mean, I could have just worn the two pieces together as is, but I kinda already shared that on IG last week. What I really wanted to do was show how I will integrate these two pieces into whole new outfits.

Margot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & AvenueMargot Meanie wearing CandyStrike, Forever21+ & Avenue

skirt – c/o candystrike | sandals – thrifted | bag & blazer – c/o avenue | necklace – c/o Cool Gal Blue

Today I am opting to show off the nevermore skater skirt. I paired it with my absolutely favourite sleeveless button up blouse. I ordered this online from forever 21 well over a year ago and it is still going strong as one of my most trusty staples.

I also wore this new blazer, which I nabbed in a contest hosted by the lovely Assa of my curves & curls, actually, it was a whole outfit {eeeeeee!!}. She had teamed up with Avenue to announce the addition of Canadian shipping to the site, which is always a welcome announcement. I am pretty stoked on this blazer, it fits over my bust without any weird pulling and it’s not boxy either! FTW!

Part of the win was this KICK ASS bag. Seriously, I’m so excited for it! It’s posh and the quality is really nice. It came with a long strap to wear over your shoulder and has a nice sturdy bottom inside for carrying around my water/straw cup without fear of it toppling over.

Keep your eyes out for me posting my second look on Friday!

Oh and my monthly newsletter should be headed out to your inboxes this Friday as well! Signing up is super cool!

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outfit | crows before bros // appeared first on margotmeanie.com

coveting |edgy accessories

I am 100% a total day dreamer.

I find I can easily drift away into thought, meanwhile my body is left looking like it’s staring at a fly on the wall.

My day dreams are vast, entertaining and often { and surprisingly to a few } productive.  

I know it seems like day dreaming should be the opposite of productive, but I read somewhere that if you follow your mind to where it drifts then you will find where your passions lay.  And you know where my passions lay?


Seriously, I spend a absurd amount of time planning outfits for the  next day/blog post/event or dream outfits I wish I had or clothes I wish to design.  I think about clothing, adornments, make up & style an astoundingly, silly amount.

Which, happily leads to posts like this

Today I am sharing some edge that I wish I could get my paws on, if only I currently had a disposable income and shopping budget.  Some day, when freelance/blogging starts paying the big bucks { or any bucks actually }, I am going to have one killer closet!!

currently coveting // edgy accessories // margotmeanie.com

I think these are all excellent pieces to mix & match for some fiercely edgy looks. I could easily make three or four outfits with these pieces and maybe a loose fitting sheer black tunic and I think it would look original each time!

Now I just need to learn how to draft some patterns and make that tunic, eh?

What do you day dream about??

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{ coveting }  edgy accessories // appeared first on margotmeanie.com


Cool Gal Blue Valentines Day lookbook “Cool Gal Red”


I was approached by Cool Gal Blue to share with you their Valentines day lookbook titled “Cool Gal Red“.  I jumped right on board because there are some really cute pieces.  {I mean, check out that tutu!!} Not only are they serving up some fun fashion, but they are an indie start up and I am allll on board for supporting indie ventures!

The lookbook is just totally adorable.  They teamed up with blogger The Curvy Corps to select the items and I think it came out as strong, fun, flirty, feel.  I like the range of items, from casual, to office to date night! And they cover their bases with softer and edgy looks.


My personal favourite look from this collection is the baroque halter peplum paired with the faux leather leggings.  It’s a nice play on an edgy look, yet its still romantic with the print in gold. I also think the “all you need is love” sequin top would be super cute with black skinnies or a mini skirt! And I’m of course smitten with the tutu,  I’d pair mine with the “homies” tank!

If you haven’t heard of Cool Gal Blue yet, it’s because they are a new online retailer.  They’re just getting into the game, but they have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and who they want to service.  And they are already having success doing it!

They want to make plus size fashion accessible, affordable and most of all fresh and FUN!

Here’s a bit about  them…

Cool Gal Blue is retail apparel and accessory company dedicated to building relationships with its customers through excellent customer service and a body-positive message.  We will uplift all women in all aspects of their life, including their OOTD!  We will sell affordable young adult fashions that look fantastic on curvy girls and encouraging women to respect who they are – confident, smart and beautiful.

…The beating heart of our company is the relationship we have with our customers.  We work really hard to let each and every customer know that they are important to us.  We want to understand them, encourage them, and fight for them.


I myself cannot wait to get my mitts on that white tutu!  I was also poking around the online shop and found a few more cute pieces I’m totally digging!

Have you picked out your Valentines outfit yet?  You still have time to order online!! In addition they have offered up a discount code for all you lovelies, they’re giving 25% OFF {!!!} your order when you use Mean25 while checking out!


You should also check them out on instagram, they post a ton of fierce, body positive, style inspo that I’m sure you’ll love!

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this is a sponsored post, though, I only work with companies and brands I stand behind! 



coveting | Eloquii

For 2015, I want to step up my style game.

I really want to hone it and find a focus.  I have always been a bit all over the map, I self confess to being a chameleon, but I really think it’s time to mature my style and wear the things I really love.

I think I did a good job last year, but I want to keep pushing.

For a long time, I was too scared to wear what I craved and opted for safe, fat girl style.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just through blogging, I have really found my confidence and I feel like all those things that I would admire from afar and wish I had the guts, gumption and events to wear things to are not so far fetched and not so intimidating anymore.

Which leads me to today’s post.

I’ve heard spades on how excellent Eloquii is and I briefly popped over to the site when they were fresh up.  I had a peek around, found some lovely items, and for some reason, hadn’t returned.

It’s probably because I feel so comfortable with shopping my go to’s {ASOS & forever21}.   But 2014 was so full of new brands launching and myself discovering new designers, shops and brands that it seems completely wrong to keep shopping just the same old stand by’s {even though I’ve racked up massive wishlists on them both recently}.  I really want to expand my horizons, experiment and support new brands as well as some indie designers.

I decided to pop on over to Eloquii and HOLY SHIZZBALLS I fell in love with sooo many items!!

As I said, I want to focus my style a bit more, and part of that is I want to master the art of monochrome layering.  I am a massive fan of Stephanie from Faiiint and she is an all black, head to toe, layering grandmaster!

I know the key to making a full, head to toe, all black or monochrome outfit a success and not just drab is textures and that is what I am after this year.

Eloquii has the tools I need!

currently coveting // eloquii // margotmeanie.com

{click image to make larger}


currently coveting // eloquii // margotmeanie.com

{click image to make larger}


I adore the limited palette of items I picked out, everything in black, white or grey.  Some may see this as drab, but I see possibility! You can always throw in one colour and it gives a mighty loud pop to any look.

But I don’t think a pop of colour will be all that necessary as the textures are so perfect.  Laser cut, metallics, fringe, draping,  knits, faux leather, the right mix of these and it will have a hefty impact!

Some of these items are true statement pieces, while others are beautifully rethought basics, which make them look ultra posh.

Eloquii’s price point is higher than I normally spend, but I also look at these as more investment pieces and not throw away fashion.  I truly think I could get a few years worth of wear out of these pieces and not just a couple of seasons.

But they are not without there deals and steals as well! Their sale section is stocked with drastically reduced items, {a few of them are in this list} and they currently have a promo going where if you buy three items, on sale or not, they are giving 50% off!!

I have not had much of a budget for shopping since I left the tattoo shop, but I’m really hoping I can manage to pick up a few items with that 50% off promo soon!

{Edit: some items have sold out already and the links are dead!}

Have you shopped with Eloquii yet?  Or are there any pieces you’re feeling here or on the site?  Let me know!

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currently coveting… Eloquii // appeared first on margotmeanie.com