outfit | thick thighs, no lies

My, oh my, where has the time gone??

As I made it abundantly known, it was my birthday on the 16th { I can’t help it, i love celebrating my birthday!! }.  My husbands birthday happens to follow just 8 days later on the 24th so we decided to have a Meanie staycation. We both meant for it to be a relaxing stretch of sleeping in, getting some Spring cleaning done, enjoying each others company, day time adventures and getting work done.

Welp!  We ended up being reeeally successful at the sleeping in, relaxing and enjoying each others company part, moderately successful at the Spring cleaning & day time adventures and a complete flop on getting work done.

He had hoped to get some writing in, meanwhile I had plans for him to take spades of outfit photos so I would be stocked up with lots of content.

In the end, we stayed in our pj’s about 99% of the time binge watching Gilmore Girls, Daredevil, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Star Wars: Clone Wars & Star Trek { as well as watching the new Star Wars trailer more than I care to admit } We sound like TV junkies and I guess for last week, we really were!!

margot meanie | rebellious plus size fashion margot meanie | rebellious plus size fashionmargot meanie | rebellious plus size fashion

 tartan jacket & shoes  – missguided | bandage mini skirt – torrid { old, but similar here & here } | blouse – f21+ { old but similar here & here } | tights – penningtons

Anyhoo, we really had a great time and regret nothing.  But today I was bummed I didn’t have anything to post on the blog so I went through my ipad and realised I had this outfit shoot from a couple weeks back just sitting there.  You may recognize the images as my new profile photos were taken from this set, but I still wanted to share the outfit with you. as soon it will be too warm for anyone to want to wear opaque tights.

Now I don’t know about you, but I looooooooove over the knee socks, BUT they never fit my thighs without pinching & rolling down.  I ended up cheating a bit and took an old pair of lacy knit stocking and cut them off, with their texture and pairing them with an opaque tight the fibers of both kind of work together like a kind of velcro and kept these in place almost all day with only have to readjust a couple times.

I think they look super cute, kinda sexy and totally badass on thick thighs with a mini skirt  { short shorts would be really cute too, I’ve been hunting for a couple pairs for the summer so far I like these & these }.

How do you feel about knee socks or over the knee socks? Have you had luck with any brands that work well on plus size thighs??

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outfit | wednesday 

Do you have any youtube shows you obsess over?  I recently discovered Melissa Hunter and her Adult Wednesday Addams series.  OB-SESSED!

I strongly recommend checking out the videos, they’re all short, funny & morbid.  I watched them all in one sitting and then watched them all a second time around when I *made* Mister Meanie watch them. { I’ll post one at the very bottom }

Anyhoo, I went off the the Island to visit my Father-in-Law for his birthday this past weekend.  It was absolutely lovely in Nanaimo so we went for a seaside stroll.  I wore a slightly Wednesday-ish get up and couldn’t help but notice a few of the locals gawk.  { Now, I am friends with plenty of strange girls that hail for Nanaimo, so I know the locals should be used to off beat style, but I guess some of the older more traditional folk still need to get their stare on or they just haven’t learned how to gawk discreetly like Vancouvrites do. }

Canadian PS style blogger ==> margotmeanie.comCanadian PS style blogger ==> margotmeanie.comCanadian PS style blogger ==> margotmeanie.comCanadian PS style blogger ==> margotmeanie.comdress – Old Navy | blouse – f21+ | cardigan – f21+ | shoes – missguided | tights – ASOS 

I have been wanting a Wednesday dress forever, in fact a collection of varying styles of Wednesday dresses would please me greatly.  Sadly, every time I see one pop up in a shop, I either don’t have the funds to get it or it has already sold out of my size. Blerg!

One day, while cleaning out my closet, I put two items in the get ‘rid of pile’, when I realised I could layer them to create my own cute collared dress they quickly returned to the ‘keep pile’.  I am so happy I kept them!  I have now gotten multiple wears out of these two pieces which I haven’t really been worn in months.  Sometimes it pays to be ruthless with your closet and really look at all the items you have and to question their place and if one piece can serve multiple purposes.

{ somewhat related, I am planning on having a closet sale soon, I just have to photograph the mountain of clothes, which is a daunting task!  I have lots of clothing up for grabs with a few items spanning back almost 10 years, but they are classic pieces like jackets & coats, the type of things that don’t go out of style. I also have, dresses, blouses, skirts and some jeans that have either been gently or never been worn.  I plan to have it open to worldwide shipping, which will take some math and planning.  Are you interested in shopping my closet? which would be your preferred route to shop it? I was thinking of just doing up an instagram page or a creating an online shop, like on shopify, any advice or suggestions are greatly welcome! }

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outfit | young girls, they do get weary

Canadian alternative plus size blogger, MArgot Meanie in Missguided, Addition Elle & f21+

I posted on facebook about how much I adore the 80’s movie Pretty in Pink and how much it has { and continues to } influenced my personal style.

I like to think there is no single character that speaks to my style senses more than any other and though I thoroughly enjoy everyone’s style so very much I just can’t help but fall head over heels for Duckie, his style { and character } is my fav.

I was extremely fortunate to win a gift certificate from The Curvy Fashionista’s 6 year anniversary giveaway month, back in December.  She had so many giveaways that month, it was amazing, she spoiled everyone rotten.  I was lucky to snap up one of six gc’s to Missguided.

I had a hard time choosing what to spend my winnings on, especially with their lovely new plus size range, but I settled on only one item from the plus range, as these shoes won my heart instantly.

The love I have for these shoes…they are just so killer cool, with their patent leather shininess, pointed toe, gold buckles and subtle platform….I just knew Duckie would approve!

Canadian alternative plus size blogger, MArgot Meanie in Missguided, Addition Elle & f21+

Canadian alternative plus size blogger, MArgot Meanie in Missguided, Addition Elle & f21+{  jacket – Missguided | shoes – Missguided | jeans – f21+, sold out | sweater – Addition Elle, sold out }

My second item was this really cute cropped tartan jacket.  I ordered it in a size up as I wanted to be able to layer with it, and I’ve happy I did.  Though with sizing up, it’s not as cropped as I hoped it would be.  But, happily, I am able to do some tailoring myself and plan on taking about 2-2.5″ off the bottom so it hits where I want it to.

I’m also rocking some older jeans I picked up from f21 maybe last year or the year before.  I wasn’t getting a lot of wear out of them recently, but then I decided to rip out the knees and I can’t stop wearing them now!

And lastly, this sweater is my boyfriend sweater that I won from PS it’s Fashions give away from a few months back, I already featured it here.  I just love this sweater and I don’t know how this escaped my notice, as I  have been wearing it constantly since it has arrived, but while sitting in the pub with my sister in law one afternoon, about a week ago maybe, I realised it has elbow patches!!

I ♥ elbow patches.

They are the same material and not contrasted, so I guess that’s why I hadn’t noticed before, but boy, did I feel like a dunce!

What are some of your biggest style influences?  Does it come from movies, music, magazines, bloggers?  Let me know as I would love to see!


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oh and here’s a little Duckie and the reason for the blog title….




outfit | back to black

With Valentines fast approaching it’s awfully hard to not want to rock a romantic outfit.

Although I don’t celebrate the day in the normal sense, that doesn’t mean I still can’t sport a lacy frock if I want to!

margot meanie // plus size, alternative stylemargot meanie // plus size, alternative style

I picked up this dress from f21 while I was in Las Vegas last winter.  It’s kind of a perfect date night or party dress with it’s tulle skirt and lacy bodice.  I’ve seen them bring it back twice now, once in a beautiful shade of oxblood, so I’d keep an eye out for it as you never know, it may make yet another return and I highly recommend it.

For once, the fit is dead on.  No squished boobs, no hugely gaping armholes, no waistband coming across the bust line because there is not adequate fabric to cover the ladies!  It was definitely a a glorious moment being able to try something on in store and know it was coming home with me!

margot meanie // plus size, alternative style

dress – f21+ last winter, earrings – Betsey Johnson, Hat – f21,  jacket – New Look via ASOS

So I did something tricky here and added a “strap” to my clutch by putting a beaded necklace under the flap! I thought I was being pretty clever!

You can also see, the black hair is gone.  This is a brief stop over in the land of auburn, I’ll give it a month and then I’ll be hitting the bleach bottle up again in an attempt to get it light enough to attempt grey, but I need to get all traces of red out to realise that dream first!

I’ve gone around online and found some similar styles & some personal favs of romantic little black dresses for you to shop at your own leisure, as little black dresses always come in handy, regardless of the date…

little black dresses in plus sizes // margotmeanie.com

top row:

second row:

third row:

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this weeks song title was Amy Winehouse, as you can see my black hair is gone, but not my love for black..







untamed style | cozy

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"

alternative plus size blogger, Margot Meanie // #untamedstyle theme "cozy"


The weather has been getting chilly.  I am by no means complaining as it’s still quite calm and resembles Fall outside my window.  Meanwhile other areas of Canada are complaining of bitter cold and snow.

So the months #untamedstyle theme was completely in step with how I’ve been feeling, which is cozy.

Cozy to me is blankets and hot beverages, over sized sweaters, tights, fuzzy socks and fuzzy friends to snug with.

My tights are from forever21+, they always have them so cheap there, though I do admit to usually having to patch the upper inseam at least once per pair. The sweater is from a friend, but the brand is Iron Fist, I love those guys, I wore a pair of their shoes for my wedding!

my fellow #untamedstyle conspirators:

aarti curves become her michelle zaftig times vanessa sweetleigh zadry curves a la mode


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What’s the rule on Wednesday’s?

// plus size alternative fashion blogger Margot Meanie //

// plus size alternative fashion blogger Margot Meanie //

// plus size alternative fashion blogger Margot Meanie //


Oh, right, we wear black!

So, I obviously did something with my hair!  I went the polar opposite of the light tresses I’ve rocked all spring and summer long in favour of the darkest shade you can go!

I have often gone back to black, but less and less as I get older as it is such a  freakin pain to get out once I’m tired of it!  My number one piece of advice for anyone going darker at home, NEVER use permanent black dye.  It is a death mark for hair, especially if you change your hair somewhat regularly.

I elect to only use the shampoo out variety! But even the semi permanent options can be a bugger to get out.  I usually end up going some shade of red or pink when I’m changing from black as it just goes copper orange once bleach touches it.

We’ll see how long this time lasts! It’s always nice to give the hair a break from bleaching every once in a while.

What I wore:

I’m wearing my geometric sakura print shift dress from Dress911, which you’ve seen before in {hard pastel} where I styled it for spring and summer.  My staple faux leather waterfall jacket from New Look Inspire {similarsimilar}, some black leggings from Forever21+ {they have a bunch online now and they’re always so cheap!} and my weekender bag with over sized houndstooth print in teal, which I bought from Torrid ages and ages ago!

miss meanie // on wednesday we wear black // by Alex of Not Afraid to Wear Heels

This week I was also honoured by my fellow Canadian bloggin babe,  Alex from Not Afraid to Wear Heels {sadly she lives on the other side of the country and I am yet to meet her in person}.  She has been doing up some darling doodles of fashion bloggers and graced me with this totally rad design, I’m completely smitten by it!

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untamed style | autumnal air

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

margot meanie // alternative plus size fashion

This months #untamedstyle challenge was Fall Fashion or the Transition into Autumn. Not as theatrical as last months Style Icon Challenge, but still fun! What better way to transition into Fall then with a versatile and stylish jacket, some leggings, a few flashes of gold and ever so cute booties?

We were also suppose to highlight one of our favourite Fall trends for this year and since my budget is on the low side lately, I shopped my own closet.  Luckily, I came out with this teal blazer from Forever21+ that I got last year.  Teal just happens to be one of my favourite colours and it also happens to be one of the big trends to look out for this Autumnal season! {So is orange, though I don’t wear orange and I kind of find myself rewriting the line form The Devil Wears Prada to be “Orange.. for Fall, groundbreaking!” Though I would not naysay the colour for other girls, it’s just not for me}

I was going to pair this with a loose scarf, but I forgot to bring it and it’s still wickedly warm here.  It’s still a bit hard to fathom wearing layers, though I am really looking forward to it, as Autumn is my favourite season.  The crisp air, the slant of the sun rays, the crunchy orange and brown leaves littered down my street, not to mention Hallowe’en, black cats and everything pumpkin spice!

This outfit is pretty much 100% Forever21, all purchased from within the last year, but sadly no longer available, with exception to the belt {ASOS}, the boots {Las Vegas} and necklace {thrifted}.

Please go check out the other #untamedstyle ladies and their contributions to this months challenge!

//  Michelle from Zaftigtimes

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