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Today I bring you the last of three looks from SWAK designs.

They kindly gifted me three amazing pieces, all of which I’m pretty in love with, but I think the top from today’s post is my favourite, since I’ve definitely worn it the most already!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curve Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curveMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curve

nikki chiffon blouse – c/o SWAK | mineral wash skinny jeans – forever 21+ | moon & stars arm cuff – ASOS curve

So, I’ve pretty much been wearing this blouse non stop since it arrived. It’s just so …ME!

black? check!

sheer? check!

bit o lace? CHECK!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curveMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style wearing SWAK, F21+ & ASOS curve

It fits really nicely as well. I’m kicking myself as I snipped the tag off so it didn’t show through the lace, so now I’m not 100%, but I think it’s a 2x, but it could be a 3x, but I’m pretty sure its a 2x.

I’ve been mostly wearing this top with either skinny jeans or my disco pants from ASOS, but I think you could add a tube or pencil skirt if you’re going somewhere nice, or throw a blazer over it if you’re looking for edgy yet slightly sexy office attire.

And while I’m gushing…

…then there are these jeans. These mineral wash skinnies are made of dreams and comfiness! I ordered these in a 20, and they are the BEST jeans I think I have ever owned! I’m quite impressed as usually f21 jeans are just kind of the type that you make do, because they’re cheap and you just really need some new jeans since the crotch blew out on your old pair and you can’t possibly repair them anymore without it being noticeable!

So these jeans are almost more jeggings than jean as they have an amazing stretch factor, they’re soft as kittens and they have real pockets. On top of it, I really am digging on the mineral wash.

So if you ever see me around town, it could be very likely this is what I’ll be wearing on dates, grocery shopping heading to a pals, because it has basically been a uniform since the pieces arrived on my door step!

Have you shopped SWAK before? This top, the Bianca duster and terri chiffon duster  { click links to see my posts on each item } were my first items from them and I have to admit to being completely won over by the brand!

AND they currently have a sale sitewide which ends Sunday, so it’s a perfect time to check them out!

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***affiliate links are utilized in this post. I receive a tiny commission per click which makes it possible for me to make this site better.


outfit | plus size swimwear

Finding the right swimsuit is hard on anyone, but add to it being plus size, the difficulties can become tenfold. Though we are finally afforded more options, picking through them can still be daunting.


When I shop around, I have to keep in mind my style, the colours and patterns that appeal to me, cut, sizing { as every place is different }, how comfortable you feel in a suit, price point, seriously, the list can go on!

But the things I absolutely have to have in a suit are:

  • comfortable to wear
  • east to get in and out of
  • enough fabric and support for my girls
  • pattern/print/texture { I’m very particular with my prints }
  • affordable

I’m loving all the fatkini’s/bikinis babes I’m seeing, but hadn’t found one that works for me as nothing checks all the boxes in my criteria { especially in the boob region wear I need a lot of extra fabric and support }.

choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie choosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

crop – f21+ | jellybean suit – Love this Sunday | cat ears – Cool Gal Blue

I was gifted this jelly bean suit by Love This Sunday last year, but couldn’t bring myself to wear it as a suit as it was too short in the body for me. Like, my boobs would literally pour out. But the print was so cute I couldn’t bring myself to let it go. { just so you know, I am a wearing the 3x and it was small on my 18/20 US body } then I came across this article written by Ready to Stare designer Alysse for Bustle on the history of the “fatkini” and was reminded that I am one crafty bugger!

The next morning I woke up and decided to snip that tank suit into a bikini. I figured the worst that would happen is I would be left with only one half of a bikini, but at least it would be one that is now getting use.

I measured three times and snip snip snipped! I then added a white elastic band to finish off the two pieces. Both worked out perfectly! I do admit, I have to still wear a bra under the top, but it’s still cute as all hell! And look how cute the bottoms work with a black crop!!

choosing plus size swim wear | margot meaniechoosing plus size swim wear | margot meanie

Goddess Cutout swimsuit – f21+ | hat – Ardene | kimono {old} – f21+

I personally have always been drawn to one pieces, black ones at that, but I still want a lil somethin’ special. Details are important!

Now this suit is one I have had my eye on for almost a year. I just never got around to ordering it and the next thing I knew it was winter and swimsuits were placed at the bottom of my clothing priority list.

Luckily, the suit was still kicking around in the sale section of Forever 21 so I nabbed it up so I would have it for my upcoming camping trip!

This suit ticks almost all of my boxes. It’s comfortable to wear, it has detachable/adjustable straps so I can change up the configuration of the suit and it has a saucy little cutout with gold detail.

My only complaint is the straps don’t like staying completely in the hooks. But it was only $22, so its something I am fine with dealing with for now. We’ll see how I feel after a week of wearing it in and out of a lake!

I have to admit earlier this week, after I had converted the jelly bean suit into a bikini, I wanted to share my accomplishment on instagram. I was instantly seized with a terrible nervousness of posting the image, even though I loved the pic, I was scared poopless to post it on such a public platform.

I learned there is absolutely nothing wrong with that though. Because I did it anyway, despite my fear. As my friend Slade said, it shows I’m still pushing myself forward. I’m trying new things and it felt really good!

This post is actually part of an #untamedstyle theme for June, but we all got too busy or hung up on life to post on time, so we agreed to post twice in July to make up for it.  So I’m going to link to each ladies blog and I’ll add the proper link to each post once everyone has theirs posted! { I know Linda has hers up! }

Linda up in the nuves zadry curves a la mode Pia mixed fat chick michelle zaftig times vanessa sweetleigh cid style files aarti curves become her

Go give these lovely babes some love!

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outfit | plus size swimwear // appeared first on margotmeanie.com

outfit{s} | the Margot Meanie collection for Cool Gal Blue

It’s finally here, the launch day of my first collection with retailer Cool Gal Blue!

I am so excited to finally be sharing a few of the pieces with you today! Check out the shop to see the rest of the items! I am so proud to be working hand in hand with these visionary ladies.  The rebel in me wholeheartedly approves of the shake up they are giving the plus size industry. They are showing the clothing on everyday ladies, with NO photoshop!

I’m not going to ramble on too much, here are some photos, you can shop the collection on CoolGalBlue.com

the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue    the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Bluethe Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Bluethe Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Bluehttp://www.coolgalblue.com/collections/margot-meanie http://www.coolgalblue.com/collections/margot-meaniethe Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Bluethe Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Bluehttp://www.coolgalblue.com/collections/margot-meanie

This trapeze tee dress will most likely become my summer uniform, especially paired with these lace shorts! The fabric and weight of the tunic is so soft and hangs really nicely, but it moves well and I think it will be breezy and cool.  I’ll probably be wearing these shorts under ever short dress I own, I love the peekaboo lace hemline! I am wearing a 2X in the top and a 3X in the shorts.

I accessorized this look with the white round arrow sunnies for contrast, I adore how over sized they are, I can’t wait to people watch poolside or on patios behind these shades! I think we all know I’m a sucker for cat ears, These are a more 3D with the beading, so they stand up pert and purrrfectly!

the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Bluethe Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue

This longline slit top is a dream! It’s so breezy and soft, I adore how it catches the wind! This is perfect for pairing with short shorts { perhaps my lace shorts? } or even worn as a beach cover up! It’s semi sheer, but not too sheer, so a cute bikini or swimsuit will look ultra posh underneath! I’m sporting a 3X, it’s roomy, just how I like it, I wore a black lace bandeau underneath for these photos.

The faux leather track pants are rad as hell! I’m wearing a 3X and the fit is really nice and comfortable, there is a bit of stretch as well. The design is really cool and THEY HAVE POCKETS! and not teeny tiny pockets either, but REAL pockets! They can easily go from day to night and add the perfect amount of edge!

I accessorized this look with the tortoise shell round sunnies, metallic tattoos on my fingers and a double strand arrow necklace! Oh and the most beautiful blazer ever. This floral blazer is embossed and the texture is divine! I adore the little gold zips on each side and there is a good amount of stretch! They sent me a 2x, but I think my bewbs require a 3x to sit properly, but my arms fit nicely. It is flippin’ gorgeous!

I just want to thank any and all of you in advance for purchasing any of these pieces! If this collection is a success, I will get to pick more collections with even more items!

My heart is so full of love, gratitude and excitement, it could just burst!

❤ ❤ ❤


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announcement | #coolgalMargot


Ok, if you follow me on facebook or instagram, then the cat is already out of the bag, but if you’re not following me elsewhere

  1. You totes are missing out 😉
  2. You have no idea that I am working with Cool Gal Blue to bring you a mini collection, curated by me!


Seriously, I am through the roof, over the moon and possibly past Saturn with my excitement on this!

I have worked with Cool Gal before to showcase their Valentines Day lookbook and as a thank you, they sent me this amazing tutu which I did a mini feature on, because It. Is. Glorious!

When I heard they were looking to work with bloggers to curate collections, you better believe I was all over that.

I’m pretty sure I went ultrasonic and only dogs down the block could hear my “Squee” when I opened my email that said they wanted to work with me!

Cool Gal Blue x Margot Meanie

As soon as I came down from cloud 9 I got werk!

I have since been working to build a mini collection that is cohesive, edgy, fun, dramatic and easy to mix & match. I cannot wait to share these items with you! I really tried to stick to my personal aesthetic and chose pieces that I desperately wanted in my own wardrobe and I hope you will too!

I cannot wait to introduce you to my first mini collection with them. So, please, keep an eye out and feel free to sign up for my brand spankin’ new newsletter. { I’m still trying to figure it out, but I thought this is a great opportunity to set one up, so you can be the first to know when my collection drops. }

I am so honoured that Cool Gal Blue wants to work with me and believes in who I am and who I want to represent.

They truly are trying to change the game and make #fashionforthemajority accessible, fun, inclusive and stylish. They want to show you what their clothes look like on real bodies. They are actually listening to what we have all been asking for and working to implement it in practical ways and not just giving us the same old tired answer of “but this is how it’s always been done”

If you haven’t checked out Cool Gal Blue before, I urge you to see what’s cookin’ right meow!

Though I have already picked the items for the first collection I would really like to know what you want to see in future collabs and collections or what you’re hoping to see in this first collection in the comments. And while you’re at it, let me know what you would like to see in a newsletter, how often you would want to hear from me { I’ve been thinking sending a monthly round up and bonus mail outs when I have special announcements like giveaways, special discount codes and collaborations? }


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outfit | classic

I’ve had a LOT of fun styling up this tutu all week!!  I’m positive this piece will be popping up on the blog in the future!

classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style classic | margot meanie - alternative plus size style
tutu – c/o Cool Gal Clothing | top – pacificplex { sold out } | ring – La Plume Noir  { sold out }

Today I went for an ultra classic look, completely inspired by Dita Von Teese.  This look would be so much fun to wear to the horse track on a Derby day, especially if I could get my paws on a epic hat like the ones Pearls & Swine dream up.

I’m can’t say I’m a fan of peplum tops, at least for my own aesthetic.  They always look darling on so many other women, I just never feel right with them on.  But I do love how this sits on such a flared bottom.  It’s actually a part of my wedding dress and I bought it and designed my wedding dress with that idea in mind.

Instead of going full on black & white monochromatic I decided to add in another neutral with the wide brimmed straw sun hat. Which in turn allowed me to add the pink vintage beaded purse with it’s bamboo handle for a tiny splash of colour. I think it rounds out the vintage/classic charm….and it matches the pink gem on my ring!

You can check the other outfits in my “how to rock a tutu” series here”

I’ll be sure to place it in same tag when I wear this tutu again so you can see them all together!

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Cool Gal Blue Valentines Day lookbook “Cool Gal Red”


I was approached by Cool Gal Blue to share with you their Valentines day lookbook titled “Cool Gal Red“.  I jumped right on board because there are some really cute pieces.  {I mean, check out that tutu!!} Not only are they serving up some fun fashion, but they are an indie start up and I am allll on board for supporting indie ventures!

The lookbook is just totally adorable.  They teamed up with blogger The Curvy Corps to select the items and I think it came out as strong, fun, flirty, feel.  I like the range of items, from casual, to office to date night! And they cover their bases with softer and edgy looks.


My personal favourite look from this collection is the baroque halter peplum paired with the faux leather leggings.  It’s a nice play on an edgy look, yet its still romantic with the print in gold. I also think the “all you need is love” sequin top would be super cute with black skinnies or a mini skirt! And I’m of course smitten with the tutu,  I’d pair mine with the “homies” tank!

If you haven’t heard of Cool Gal Blue yet, it’s because they are a new online retailer.  They’re just getting into the game, but they have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and who they want to service.  And they are already having success doing it!

They want to make plus size fashion accessible, affordable and most of all fresh and FUN!

Here’s a bit about  them…

Cool Gal Blue is retail apparel and accessory company dedicated to building relationships with its customers through excellent customer service and a body-positive message.  We will uplift all women in all aspects of their life, including their OOTD!  We will sell affordable young adult fashions that look fantastic on curvy girls and encouraging women to respect who they are – confident, smart and beautiful.

…The beating heart of our company is the relationship we have with our customers.  We work really hard to let each and every customer know that they are important to us.  We want to understand them, encourage them, and fight for them.


I myself cannot wait to get my mitts on that white tutu!  I was also poking around the online shop and found a few more cute pieces I’m totally digging!

Have you picked out your Valentines outfit yet?  You still have time to order online!! In addition they have offered up a discount code for all you lovelies, they’re giving 25% OFF {!!!} your order when you use Mean25 while checking out!


You should also check them out on instagram, they post a ton of fierce, body positive, style inspo that I’m sure you’ll love!

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this is a sponsored post, though, I only work with companies and brands I stand behind! 



alternative curves | your lyrics are dumb like a linoleum floor

riot grrl // margot meanie

I’m just squeezing this in before the time is up to enter this months #alternativecurve blog hop, phew!!

This months theme was “riot grrl heroines” and this one is pretty dear to my heart as riot grrl had a hefty hand in shaping my early self.

I came late to riot grrl, by the time I was aware of it, it was 2000/01, I had just graduated high school, I was 18 or 19 and just moved into the city, I was just getting into the internet as it wasn’t accessible out in the country where we lived {remember the glories of dial up?!} I had finally started downloading music and had found a treasure trove of goodness.  But, by the time I found anything “riot grrl” it had already packed up and gone home, or grown up, or what have you.  But, the music endured and I found it.

I loved nothing more than finding the loudest, angriest, nosiest rocked out all girl bands and making mix cds with Monty Python soundbites in between tracks, to listen to for my morning commute.   I discovered the music first and the movement second and I was swept away with both.

Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill Huggy bear, The Red Aunts, L7 {though they pre riot grrl, and more grunge, but I freakin loved them!!} the list goes on and on!  I just wanted to consume as much all grrrl rock I could handle.

riot grrl // margot meanie

But this post is about the fashion of riot grrl.  I have to admit to being a bit stumped on what I was going to wear.  I thought about all the popular styles of the time, but didn’t want to look like I was sporting a costume.  Then a few things donned on me.

  1. Riot grrls didn’t have one look, everyone wore whatever the hell they wanted to wear.  Some girls were super femme, others were tomboys.  Some put a lot of effort into their look, while for others it was an afterthought, or not a thought at all.  There was vintage aspects as well as modern {for the time} clothing.  There was a heavy grunge influence, because it was happening at the same time.

2.I am still a riot grrl.  I am just a grown up riot grrl.  In fact, I think what’s going on in the whole “fatshion” scene is very riot grrl!!

So, I just decided to wear what I want.  And what I wanted to wear is this super cute, pink plaid diner style dress.  I think it definitely nods to the era, which is probably why I bought it in the first place.

You all know I don’t wear a ton of colour.  So this dress is not something I rock often, I have to be in the mood, but goshdarnit, it is cute! I liked to give it a bit more edge with the knee socks and platform boots.  I also couldn’t find my black cardi I was going to wear, but my husbands showed up in the search, so I wore his instead! riot grrl // margot meanieriot grrl // margot meanie

dress – dress911{sold out} cardigan – my husband’s, knee socks – DIY, boots – thrifted

did you listen to any riot grrl music? were you into the scene or was it before your time, like me?  Below is a quick documentary on riot grrl, it’s 39 minutes long, but once you start you won’t want to stop it!

As I mentioned, this is part of a blog hop, organised by Miss Kobi Jae, if you are a blogger and are interested in joining the hop, join us on our fb page  or you can always join the community on instagram by using the hashtag #alternativecurves and following the @alternativecurves page!


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the song the lyrics are from this week is Le Tigre – Deceptacon 

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